Expert How-to Guides on Social Media Marketing

Read our How-To guides for a step by step explanation of how companies in a variety of sectors can use social listening to find relevant insights for their business. Guides cover sectors ranging from pharmaceuticals and media to automotive and insurance, with each tailored to the needs of an industry or business function. 

Dans ce rapport sur l’industrie du luxe, nous détaillons les façons dont les marques de luxe peuvent rendre leur marketing d’influence plus efficace grâce à l’analyse des médias sociaux. Nous avons analysé des millions de discussions sur les médias sociaux – des messages postés par les influenceurs principaux de la marque Ferrari à la présence de Gucci et de Louis Vuitton sur Instagram
How To - Influencer Marketing: 3 Social Listening Strategies For Luxury Brands - talkwalker
We recently analyzed over 10 million online discussions around major business trends like the internet of things and digital transformation at the request of our clients in the professional services sector.
How To - Win New Clients using Social Media Analytics for Professional Services - talkwalker
The following is the webinar archive for "Is Social Media Worth Multi-Million Dollar Investment? Using Social Listening to Determine the ROI of Social Media." This webinar originally aired on December 3, 2015. Listen to the audio recording and follow along with the slides to learn more.
How To - Is Social Media Worth Multi-Million Dollar Investment? - talkwalker
Your timing has to be right, the message has to be right and it needs to have a positive impact on the bottom line. All this in an increasingly crowded social media space. Our latest report shows you how to improve every step of your social campaign strategy using insights from social media analytics. With the holiday retail season underway, we used examples from the e-commerce industry - from social conversations about Christmas and smartphones, to the campaign strategy of Amazon and eBay.
How To - Campaign Cracker: How to Run an Expert Social Media Campaign Using Social Listening - talkwalker
The best companies look at social customer care not just as issues to be resolved but as opportunities to create value by cross-selling, upselling, or reducing churn. Using social listening, customer service teams can move beyond issue resolution to provide tailored recommendations. In our new guide, we used the example of the telecoms industry and analysed online conversations around such biggest providers as T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange
How To - Improving the Signal: A 3 Step Guide to First Class Social Customer Care for Mobile Operators - talkwalker
Partner networks are pivotal for companies in a variety of industries, but what’s the best way to keep track of partner activities? As partner networks grow larger and expand globally, effectively handling your brand and products on these channels is time consuming and labor intensive. For software companies in particular, partners sales channels are an integral part of business and relationships need to be managed carefully for maximum effect.
How To - Partners On Social: How Software Companies Can Boost Partner Networks Using Social Listening - talkwalker
Our diets and eating habits are constantly evolving. For food companies, keeping up with these changes to satisfy their clients every day can be a challenge. But social media analytics can help food manufacturers to get valuable customer data and use it as competitive advantage for a variety of functions, from brand listening to product development and campaign management. For this how-to guide, we analysed the online conversations surrounding 6 of the largest FMCG food companies like Unilever, Kraft Foods or Nestlé and 28 major brands from their portfolios like Oreo, M&Ms or Häagen-Dazs to discover how they ensure their products succeed in the market.
How To - Hungry for Success - How Food Companies Can Use Social Data For Product Development - talkwalker
All businesses want to understand their customers better and social media has brought customers and companies closer than ever before. For airlines in particular, social has changed the rules of the game when it comes to finding customer insights. Previously inaccessible word-of-mouth conversations are increasingly taking place on public, online platforms such as Twitter and online forums giving airlines unprecedented access to unsolicited customer opinions. Using advanced social media analytics, this report drills into customer comments and opinions surrounding 40 of the world’s largest airlines including United Airlines, Lufthansa and EasyJet for crucial, hidden insights that airlines can use to improve customer satisfaction.
How To - Passenger Voices on Social: 5 Steps To Guarantee Customer Satisfaction In the Airlines Industry - talkwalker
With a constant array of new launches, sales and promotions, fashion brands can have trouble keeping up. But social listening can help them manage a multitude of tasks that are important in planning and executing such campaigns, from planning to monitoring progress and finally evaluating success. In this How-To guide we analysed some well-known fashion retailers such as Mango, H&M and Zara, and identified how they can use social media analytics to their advantage for better campaign management.
How To - Dressed for Success: The Ultimate Guide to Campaign Management in the Fashion Industry - talkwalker
Technological innovations have changed the face of many industries in recent years but few have experienced the incredible scale of changes seen in the Telecoms sector. With smartphones increasingly replacing landlines and traditional phones and internet usage switching dramatically to mobile, today’s customers have very different requirements from even just a few years ago. The industry is also being disrupted by a significant number of new players in the market, from instant messaging services to social networks, and, most recently the emergence of Google as a potential Telecoms force with its recently launched new mobile network service, Google Fi.
How To - Google Fi & Telecoms: 5 Easy Steps to Effectively Manage Industry Disruption - talkwalker
With complaints ranging from oil & gas prices to protests against drilling practices, the oil industry faces much criticism – and those complaints can easily turn into a crisis threatening a brand’s reputation. So how can social listening help oil giants like BP or Shell help prevent a crisis or manage critical conversations about their brands?
How To - 3 Steps to Better Crisis Management in the Oil & Gas Industry - talkwalker
Social Data is changing the utilities industry. Everyday thousands of social media and online discussions take place about companies and services in the utilities sector. From customers interacting with the likes of British Gas and EDF Energy over Twitter, to blogs and online news sites commenting on major energy projects run by U.S, utilities giants like Duke Energy and Exelon, this wealth of social data is a potential treasure trove of information for companies seeking to understand their customers and public opinion.
How To - Utilities and Social Listening: 5 Ways to Power Your Business Strategy - talkwalker
Social media has changed methods of communication in all areas of life, including health. Patients battling long-term diseases like Parkinson’s turn to social networks for advice on treatment and medications or to exchange information with others. Doctors, pharmacists and researchers also use online platforms for the same or similar purposes. Pharmaceutical companies can benefit greatly for monitoring these conversations and finding relevant insights for their market research, marketing or communications departments that enable them to adapt their communication to their specific needs and target audiences.
How To - 6 Essentials for Successful Social Listening in the Pharmaceutical Industry - talkwalker
This guide aims to accompany those of you in need of concrete advice and relevant tutorials for implementing and understanding the uses of social media monitoring and analytics. Discover the 5+5 steps for Monitoring and Analytics: five key steps in social media monitoring, and five factors to bear in mind as you drill down through social media data and discover new insights.
How To - Reach Investor Relations Excellence using Social Media Intelligence - talkwalker
For many Investor Relations Officers, Directors and CFO’s the idea of using social media to attract investment opportunities may seem imprudent or unnecessary. This article should hopefully dispel such notions and help you outline a simple but effective course of action to exploit the power of social media using a social media intelligence platform.
How To - 4 Reasons to Exploit Social Media for Investor Relations - talkwalker
Every day, so much information is posted on the Internet that it can be hard to keep up – especially if you are new to social media monitoring. To cut through the noise and find the results that are relevant for you and your brand, you need to ask the right questions. That’s where Talkwalker can help you. We will show you how to set up the right search queries and get the best results for your social media analysis.
How To - Set up search queries with Talkwalker - talkwalker
For some brands or companies, it can be hard to keep up with the sheer volume of buzz they receive on social media. Sometimes there are just too many results to keep an eye on all of them. In these cases, it can be helpful to narrow down results by employing Boolean operators to refine a search query. Since it’s always easier to work with a clear picture in mind, let’s use an example: say a PR manager for Apple wants to know what people on social media are saying about the brand after the latest incidents concerning the iOS update or #bendgate.
How To - Set up search queries for PR Management - talkwalker
The financial industry had to overcome a lot of hardships in the past few years. Housing crisis and recession have led to increasing distrust of banks and the financial industry in general. Many are still dealing with the fallout of recent years. Social media monitoring offers banks a chance to improve their reputation and increase their client’s trust and satisfaction. If customers are talking online, it is where banks need to listen. Read some of the best advices we have to share by downloading it below. Happy reading!
How To - Exploit Social Media in the Finance Sector - talkwalker
The challenge A major European car manufacturer selected Talkwalker to include online news and social media in their supply chain risk identification efforts. Automobile manufacturing companies are heavily reliant on their suppliers to provide car parts and other deliverables on time and with strict quality standards. Any change in supplier reliability can have disastrous impacts on the efficiency and effectiveness of production. As part of a desire to protect their supply chain from potential risks, the client wanted to find ways to quickly and proactively identify any issues to mitigate negative effects. They had two main requirements: firstly to ensure that teams be alerted of all events without delay, from wide-ranging and partly customized information sources. Secondly the tool itself should be easy to implement and use.
How To - Monitor Supply Chain in Automotive - talkwalker
Risk means the probability of negative occurrence that may be avoided through pre-emptive action. This can include risks of harm to a company directly or financially, to a brand name or even risks affecting parts of the supply chain through natural catastrophes, political decisions or human actions – depending on the industry and targets. Especially large companies with a great number of suppliers and partners cannot manually track all potential risks on a global scale and this is where using social media monitoring comes in to help counteract your organisation’s likelihood of falling victim unprepared to such scenarios. With a customized online monitoring and alerting tool, it is possible to keep track of a large amount of different variables and information sources so that you have your finger on the pulse and are never caught unprepared or under-informed in the event of a crisis.
How To - Monitor Risk Management - talkwalker
Once you have tracked and analyzed your relevant social media mentions with the help of Talkwalker, you may also find yourself wanting to share some of these insights and discoveries with colleagues and/or clients. For example, tweets negatively reflecting on a brand could be as relevant to a CRM team as a list of influencers or competitive reports would be to a PR team or executive management respectively. Talkwalker offers multiple data export capabilities to enable you to share these important insights quickly and easily. You can now save time by extracting data, graphics and reports directly from Talkwalker and you can export this data into several formats, including into Excel and Powerpoint. For ease-of-use, all data is also editable after extraction.
How To - Export Data from Talkwalker - talkwalker
Traditional media monitoring entered the field of public relations in early 20th century in the form of clipping services, becoming indispensable ever since. Until today, the core mission is to create a documentation about relevant topics as accurate and comprehensive as possible. This is aimed for communications departments and decision-makers in order to provide them clear, structured and reader-friendly reports, for example as press reviews. Since the 1950s, we believe that three specializations have emerged: print media, online media, and radio/TV records. Witnessing that their limits are blurring and converging to digitalization, in the following paragraphs we will show you how easy it is to set up and implement a complete, insightful, and reliable online monitoring on your own!
How To - Create Automated Press Reviews - talkwalker
Like every year friends and fans of Apple products, and new technology in general, were impatiently waiting for new and innovative devices of the legendary iPhone founder from Cupertino. Since Apple is usually keeping their device updates a secret until their keynote presentation, it has become tradition to come up with rumors and speculations about future hard- and software. For this year’s event, which began yesterday at 6 P.M. GMT, the following five were the top ranked rumors: The new model will be named 5S and will come in the same design as its forerunner, but will have a faster processor.Besides black- and white-colored models, there will be a golden version.More colors are expected to be available for a completely new model named 5C.A 13 MP one will replace the current model’s 8 MP camera.Apple will equip the new model with a fingerprint sensor to increase the devices’ security features.
How To - Monitor Marketing Campaign - talkwalker
“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time“. The wise words of poet John Lydgate nicely describe why nobody, individuals and businesses alike, can be completely sheltered from negative opinions towards them. With the prevalence of social media and user generated content, such negative public opinion can spread within a few minutes and across the globe, with catastrophic effects on brand reputation. So how can businesses manage to put out a negative PR fire before it really starts burning?
How To - Monitor Online Brand Reputation - talkwalker
When it comes to marketing the brand name for car models, automotive companies have a challenging task ahead. The average consumer’s decision to purchase a car relies heavily on the brand name and reputation and to complicate matters, the majority of car sales occur onsite at dealership locations. This guide aims to demonstrate a few examples of how and where social media monitoring can be used in an automotive marketing strategy to help increase brand awareness, loyalty, promote events, manage manufacturing issues, provide online customer service and even bolster dealership traffic!
How To - Monitor Social Media in Automotive - talkwalker
In general, influencer marketing is about ensuring that you’re getting the right message to a relevant audience at the right time. Influencers can add tremendous value to your marketing initiatives because they are trusted sources for potential customers, meaning that it’s really worth the time and effort spent in identifying, engaging and supporting the relevant people who impact these decisions about your brand, products or services. Listening tools can help to make this process easy by identifying, tracking and providing key performance metrics like reach, engagement rate and page views for key influencers and influential publications over time.
How To - Find the Real Social Media Influencers - talkwalker
For companies in all industries getting a comprehensive understanding of how your target audience is feeling – or will feel - about a product or service is difficult. In industries like insurance where product differentiation can be a challenge, it’s important to get as much accurate customer intelligence as possible. But with companies inundated with vast quantities of data from online and offline sources, finding actionable insights can be a problem.
How To - Insurance & Social Intelligence: 6 Steps To Refine Your Product Development Strategy - talkwalker
Understanding industry trends and predicting customer behaviour is important for all industries but for banks it can be critical. Broad economic trends can have an important impact on business decisions made by financial institutions, from the creation of new financial products to greater investments in specific areas. Gathering the data necessary to uncover such insights can be expensive and time consuming but social listening can ease this process.
How To - Predicting Trends and Measuring the Economy: Benefits of Social Data Intelligence for Banks - talkwalker
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