Social Media Monitoring & Analytics Case Studies

Discover how companies can make the most out of their social data by reading our case studies. From reports looking at the most popular renewable energy sources on social media, to analyses of how top fashion barands perform on social networks, each report looks at an industry, function or real use case and details how businesses can find insights they can act on using social listening.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) work with partners across the EMEA region who resell their cloud solution, HPE Helion. According to an internal HPE study conducted at the end of 2014 across EMEA, around 90% of HPE Helion's Cloud Builder Partners are on social networks but only a few have reached a high level of social media maturity. To help expand the usage of social networks across partner communities, the HPE EMEA Cloud Channel Marketing team developed a social media strategy that would increase social exposure for both HPE Helion and partner brands and give partners the social media support they need. To measure and prove the success of their campaigns, HPE used Talkwalker social media analytics. Download this case study to find out how HPE: Created a social media campaign for channel partners that reached 16 million Twitter accounts around the world Helped to bring partner companies together using the power of social media Proved success and provided support for partners using Talkwalker social media analytics
Case Study - Hewlett Packard Enterprise Delivers Social Media to the Channel - talkwalker
Deutsche Telekom used the power and flexibility of Talkwalker social data intelligence to create a situation room for crisis management that helps them to avert potentially damaging issues from spiralling out of control. Download this case study to find out how Deutsche Telekom: Developed a state of the art crisis management system powered by real-time social listening Averted crisis situations that would have hit share prices and weakened sales Saved significant amounts of time and improved communication by creating customized social intelligence reports for each department
Case Study - Deutsche Telekom: Real-Time Crisis Management using a Social Listening Powered Situation Room - talkwalker
When large groups of people come together to attend major events like concerts, sporting events, or festivals - there is an increased risk of panic, emergencies and at times, even a risk of violence. Behaviour on social media can offer clues to potential emergencies or threats of violence, help security personnel prevent further escalation and mitigate future problems. Event hosts are increasingly learning from past situations and are looking for ways to proactively spot and avoid these kinds of risks before and during these type of events. In this case study you will learn how Social Media Monitoring tools like Talkwalker helps prevent such risks at the famous rock music festival “Wacken” which takes place annually in Germany.
Case Study - Preventing Risk at Mass: Events - talkwalker
To post or not to post – this is no longer a question for the majority of brands on social media. But how often should you be posting? And with which type of content? In our latest case study, we analyzed the social channels of 10 giants of the luxury industry – from Dior and Chanel to Tesla and Ferrari – to discover the hidden secrets of a successful social media strategy. Here are some key findings from the report: - Chanel and Louis Vuitton lead the way with engaging video content - Dior gained over 1.7 million Instagram followers in less than 3 months using effective influencer marketing - Tesla’s focus on technology and innovation helped them beat larger competitors - Picture posts outperform videos for jewelry brands like Cartier & Tiffany
Case Study - Luxury Wars On Social Media - 10 Luxury Brands Go Head To Head - talkwalker
How can B2B companies make the most of social media? To answer this question, we analyzed 10 of the largest global professional service firms – from the Big 4 to McKinsey and Bain & Co - on social media to see how these giants of the business world compare on Twitter and Facebook. Here is what we found: - McKinsey were the most engaging brand on Twitter with double the per post engagement of their closest competitor. - Posts highlighting social issues such as gender equality produced high engagement rates on both Facebook and Twitter. - On Facebook, professional services firms had the most success when posting about major surveys, workplace initiatives and industry awards. - Overall, professional services firms lag behind other B2B sectors such as software on social media.
Case Study - The Social Media Audit - Ranking the 10 Largest Professional Services Firms on Social Media - talkwalker
Can social media help me sell my products and services online? It’s a question that companies in all industries are trying to answer and it’s especially important for e-commerce where sales only occur through online channels. To try and understand how brands are approaching this issue, we examined 10 top e-commerce brands over the last month to see what kind of social media tactics companies like Apple Music, ASOS and Flipkart are using and how they stack up against their rivals.
Case Study - Battle of the Brands: 10 Ecommerce Brands Go Head to Head on Social Media - talkwalker
Staying top of mind and providing strong customer support is crucial for all businesses. But for mobile operators whose customers depend on their services around the clock, it is particularly important. Social media is one of the most effective channels to achieve these goals but are brands using social effectively? In our new report we analyzed around 3 million posts from 16 leading mobile brands across the world, such as T-Mobile, Vodafone and AT&T to find out which mobile operators are best at engaging with their customers on social and what can we learn from them.
Case Study - Social Media Connection - Top 16 Mobile Brands on Facebook and Twitter - talkwalker
In Part 1 of our social media analysis of the software industry we focused on Twitter. In Part 2 we looked to the two biggest social networks: Facebook and YouTube. We examined the official Facebook and YouTube pages of the 20 largest software companies such as IBM, Oracle and Symantec and discovered how they compare on these social channels and what we can learn from what they do.
Case Study - Software Stars on Social: The Top 20 Software Brands on Facebook & Youtube - Part 2 - talkwalker
The software industry is one of the most innovative in the world with household names like IBM and Oracle changing the way that people do business and pushing the boundaries of technology. But what can we learn from these titans of tech and their social media behaviour? In our new report, we looked at the social media statistics of software giants and identified best practices everyone can learn from.
Case Study - Software Stars on Social: The Top 20 Software Brands on Twitter - Part 1 - talkwalker
With food trends and preferences changing constantly, the fast-paced environment of social media offers the ideal platform for food brands to not only keep track of new developments, but also promote their products and offers. But which brands understand social the best and use it to effectively engage with customers and prospects? Using Talkwalker social intelligence, we analysed the social media performance of 28 leading food brands, from Oreo and Ben & Jerry’s, to Maggi and Marmite, to see which truly understand the value of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By taking an in-depth look at the social media performance of these brands, you’ll also be able to discover best practices and tricks to boost your social media strategy.
Case Study - A Taste of Social: 28 Top Food Brands & Their Social Media Performance - talkwalker
With more than 190,000 members Volksbank Mittelhessen is one of the largest co-operative banks in Germany. Volksbank Mittelhessen’s 1400 employees work in 96 different offices making the bank a pillar of both the regional and national economy. Established in 1858, Volksbank has a long history of providing both national and regional customers with first class banking services. Volksbank Mittelhessen has started using Talkwalker and 247GRAD CONNECT, a web-based software that allows social media teams to manage their entire interaction on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, which benefits both content marketing and social customer service at the same time.
Case Study - How A Major German Bank Overhauled Their Social Customer Experience - talkwalker
Airlines are pretty savvy when it comes to social media with a few top performers even winning cross-industry awards for their social media strategy. But how do they compare against each other? Which airlines are the best at responding to customers? Which airlines lead the way in engaging their audience? And what can we learn from the best in the business? Using Talkwalker social media analytics, we analyzed over 200 social media accounts of the world’s 40 largest airlines to provide a definitive guide to airlines social media performance and determine once and for all, which airline is the Star of Social Media. You’ll also find plenty of tips and tricks to help your brand reach the next level on social whether you’re an airline or from another industry.
Case Study - Flying Higher on Social: The Top 40 Airlines Ranked on Social Media - talkwalker
Fashionistas across the world have their favourite brands and stores to shop at. From budget brands like Primark to high-end designer labels like Michael Kors, all brands have their loyal customers. But which brands are best at engaging their fans on social media? Which brands are the most talked, most loved or most hated online? This case study examines how over 20 world’s biggest luxury, mid-range and budget brands compete online, and provides guidance on how fashion retailers can truly take advantage of social data.
Case Study – Fashion on Social: Top Fashion Brands and Their Social Media Performance - talkwalker
Corporate sponsorship has been an important part of major sporting and cultural events for many decades. From company names emblazoned across team uniforms to business conferences sponsored by big industry names, corporate sponsorship comes in many guises but one of the biggest forms of sponsorship is naming rights. Naming rights refers to the practice of companies buying the right to name a venue typically using their company name in the title. Although the practice has become more prevalent in recent years it is actually quite an old one with origins traced back to Fenway Park, the home of the Boston Red Sox which was named after the Fenway Realty Company in 1912.
Case Study - Is Sponsorship Worth the Money? Measuring Sponsorship ROI Using Social Data - talkwalker
With the world population growing all the time, the need for energy grows as well. But conventional fuels such as nuclear, oil and gas raise an increasing number of concerns, from the catastrophic consequences of nuclear disasters to the environmental damage caused by oil spills or other accidents linked to traditional sources of energy. Increasing pressure from regulators and NGOs are also an ongoing cause of concern.
Case Study - Clean Energy: Social Media Analytics for Market Research - talkwalker
Social media has changed the way companies interact with their customers in all industries and the utilities industry is no different. From fielding enquiries about online energy billing to providing up to the minute updates on service disruptions, social media has brought utilities companies into much closer contact with their customers. The volume and speed at which communications must take place has inevitably increased but companies now also have access to a giant stockpile of social data that they can analyse to get deeper insights into customer behaviour.
Case Study - How a German Utility Company Improved Customer Experience Using Social Listening - talkwalker
With advances in technology and the growth of social networks, it has become easier to monitor critical situations like the Ebola epidemic and take appropriate measures. Tracking the real-life progress of the epidemic via social platforms has become an important part of fighting Ebola and recognizing new outbreaks as early as possible. The rise of social media in developing nations has also made tracking the spread of diseases and information related to those diseases easier than ever.
Case Study - Why Big Pharma should listen in to conversations about an Ebola vaccine - talkwalker
The Internet is quickly becoming the go-to place for every aspect of life. From shopping for groceries and books to scheduling a medical appointment, these days we take care of everything via the web. Banking and finance transactions are no exception to this and they have become an equally integral part of our new online habits.
Case Study - Virtual vs Brick-and-Mortar Banks: Who is Winning the Social Media Battle - talkwalker
Consumers often accuse insurers of not paying out on claims and given the serious incidents that insurers generally cover, emotions can run high. Before first the global proliferation of the internet and then the fast spread of social networks, disgruntled customers and clients would discuss their troubles with friends or colleagues, or take it up directly with the insurance company. Nowadays things are different. Comments made on Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and company blogs can all have a direct impact on the online reputation of an insurance company.
Case Study - Towards a Winning Social Media Strategy: Learning from 10 Leading Insurance Brands - talkwalker
TV remains for of our favorite pastimes. But the way we watch television has changed with the growth of social media. Many shows are accompanied by fans live-tweeting their reactions or discussing a show’s highlights immediately after it was broadcast. In this case study, we compare audience reactions to different shows like Britain’s Got Talent, Made in Chelsea and Big Brother and explain how TV producers and broadcasters benefits from insights like sentiment, audience activity or share of voice for different characters.
Case Study - Social Listening & Analytics for TV Broadcasters - talkwalker
Social media has changed the way we consume news. But it also changed the way newsrooms edit and share the information they provide for their audience. Twitter has become one of the most important social networks for newspapers, who find and provide information on current events in real-time via the microblogging service. We take a look at how newspapers adapt to the change in the media landscape, how their followers interact with news of 140 characters or less and which newspapers deliver the best performance on their Twitter accounts.
Case Study - How Newspapers Use their Twitter Presence - talkwalker
BNP Paribas was recently fined a record sum of almost 9 billion USD by the United States for secretly conducting transactions with Cuba, Iran and Sudan between 2002 and 2009. Let's take a closer look at the banking giant’s reputation on the Internet during their strategy to overcome the online crisis.
Case Study - Online Reputation Management for Banks: The Lessons Learned from BNP Paribas - talkwalker
In April 2014, Toyota experienced first-hand how social media’s increased visibility and speed can make or break a company in the midst of a product recall crisis. Get it right and the organisation’s reputation and value can be enhanced; get it wrong and serious brand damage can result. However, product recalls need not turn into a brand crisis. They can even be an opportunity to build the brand, provided they are handled appropriately. Discover how social media monitoring can be used as an effective early warning system – helping to protect your brand’s reputation online and weather PR crises like Toyota’s recent recall.
Case Study - Monitor Social Media for Recall - talkwalker
Today’s PR professionals are constantly working with new technologies and new ways of communicating. If traditional media monitoring services is the name of your game, this means you might be already considering the ways in which you can extend your offerings to better accommodate this ever-changing, more social PR & communication landscape. The simplest and most efficient way to do this is by cooperating with a strong technology partner, which focuses on Social Media and Big Data. Discover how a leading French media monitoring company, Argus de la Presse, managed to provide their clients with a one-stop-shop media monitoring solution by integrating social data from Talkwalker.
Case Study - Boost Social Media Monitoring - talkwalker
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