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Competitive analysis and benchmarking

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Competitor analysis tools to benchmark your performance with your competition

Want to find out what the competition is up to? What's working for them and what strategic mistakes they're making?

  • Use social media competitor analysis across all your important content channels.
  • Compare performance of multiple brands, hashtags, and keywords with competitor analysis tools.
  • Benchmark with KPIs that matter: engagement, volume, sentiment, business impact metrics.
  • Identify opportunities and find your competitors' strengths and weaknesses.
  • Take advantage of the best global coverage: social media networks, news, blogs, review sites, and forums.

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Benchmark your brand against industry averages with Talkwalker's advanced competition analysis software.

  • Benchmark your brand performance by analyzing industry averages and competitor KPIs.
  • Compare key stats like engagement, volume, sentiment, themes, influencers, demographics and geographies.
  • Determine your share of voice (SOV) vs your competitors, and track how you compare for brand awareness, purchase intent, and loyalty.
  • Analyze and compare data across networks, blogs, online news, review sites, and more.
  • Track communication insights in 187 languages, across 150M+ websites, with the biggest database in the industry containing over 30,000 logos.
  • Realize your brand's social media impact using the Talkwalker competitive intelligence IQ app for one-click insights.

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Powerful Competitive Analysis with state of the art AI Engine. Start your trial today!