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The Social Media Audit - Ranking the 10 Largest Professional Services Firms on Social Media

The Social Media Audit - Ranking the 10 Largest Professional Services Firms on Social Media

Professional services and social media may not seem natural bedfellows in the eyes of many. The Big 4, and consulting giants like McKinsey and Bain & Co. deal in complex business issues and provide strategic insights that don’t always lend themselves easily to the fast-moving, short-form world of social.

But social media is becoming more diverse and capable of presenting complexity in a simple but compelling way. McKinsey themselves highlight professional services firms as the business sector that has the biggest potential to see significant ROI from social media.

“Professional services firms, more so than other businesses, are innately social organizations. They depend very heavily on social interactions — with clients and among professional colleagues — to carry out their work and develop new business.”– MGI Global Report, The Social Economy

We used Talkwalker social media analytics to analyze how professional services and management consulting firms are using social media, and which are using social to best effect.

We examined the social media activity of 10 professional services and management consulting giants - from the Big 4 to consulting powerhouses McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group. Over several months, we tracked their Twitter and Facebook channels using social channel analytics to determine the top performing firms in this sector. We analyzed around half a million results and uncovered the following key findings:

  • McKinsey was the most engaging brand on Twitter with double the per post engagement of their closest competitor
  • KPMG are at the forefront of Facebook video usage with 34% of their posts including a video, four times the industry average
  • Gender equality in the work force was a key theme for professional services firms on social media
  • On Facebook, professional services firms had the most success when posting about major surveys, workplace initiatives and industry awards.
  • Overall, professional services firms lag behind other B2B sectors, such as software, on social media

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