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The Refugee Crisis and Social Media - Finding New Solutions Using the Power of Data

on 09/02/2017

The refugee crisis has sparked extensive debate across the globe.

There are now over 65 million displaced people around the world, an unprecedented number even taking into account the years following World War II.

As governments and NGOs struggle to keep pace with the crisis, start up non-profit BeyondCSR teamed up with Talkwalker to look for ideas and possible solutions in a revolutionary way - using the power of social media, data and analytics.

Discover how BeyondCSR:

  • Mobilized thousands of people from around the world to contribute their ideas on social
  • Used real-time analytics to extend campaign reach to 20 million people worldwide
  • Put together a data-backed White Paper that will be presented to the UN Refugee Agency
  • Transformed ideas into tangible initiatives that are helping to change the lives of refugees