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Infographic: Wimbledon 2017 - Who's Making a Racket on Social Media?

Infographic: Wimbledon 2017 - Who's Making a Racket on Social Media?

Summer in the UK? Strawberries and cream? Pimms? Oh and tennis of course, it can only mean one thing - it's time for Wimbledon!

Every summer the UK (and really the world) goes tennis crazy for two weeks in June and July as Wimbledon fever hits and suddenly everyone picks up a tennis racket and tries to be Roger Federer or Serena Williams.

As with most sporting events, it's also a massive social media event (945 million Twitter impressions in 2016 for Wimbledon according to Twitter) and I for one am armed with smartphone in hand, ready to post my uninformed comments during the big matches.

So what is it that's caught the social public's imagination this year? Is it Federer, is it Jo Konta, is it celebrity spotting and strawberry emojis? Well, I used our social listening and image recognition technology to take a look and served it up in this handy infographic. Perfect for consumption alongside Wimbledon viewing and perhaps a jug of Pimms : )

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Wimbledon Infographic

wimbledon social media infographic

Moment of the tournament? Luxembourg's own Gilles Muller pulling off the upset

The stats don't lie, there's no doubt that the moment of the tournament so far was Luxembourg's Gilles Muller beating two-time champion Rafa Nadal in an epic 5 set tussle. The game generated over 100,000 mentions on social media and was by some distance the biggest social media moment. And of course, as a Luxembourgish company, we can't deny that we were rooting for Gilles too (well at least our non-Spanish contingent!)

And how did the world react? In emojis of course, with the Luxembourgish flag (671 results) and the scream face 😱 (1157 results) featuring prominently in the most used emojis during the match:

muller upset emoji cloud

"You cannot be serious?" Beckham is Insta Champ of Wimbledon!

With green grass, blue sky (mostly), red strawberries and historic sporting moments, there are plenty of Instahappy snappers at Wimbledon this year, but the big question is: who's getting the most engagement on their posts? You'd be forgiven for thinking it would be one of the actual stars of the tournament - the players. But no. With just one post - a selfie with his Mum - David Beckham is the Instagram champion of Wimbledon so far:

beckham wimbledon instagram

Over a million likes, 2000+ comments and not a bad bit of brand exposure for Ralph Lauren either!

Is it Murray Mount or Henman Hill? Social media has the final verdict

You know the one. It's that hill where everyone who doesn't have tickets to the show courts goes to watch the big games on a massive screen. It's actually called Aorangi Terrace but let's be honest, nobody calls it that. When Tim Henman was the darling of British tennis is was named Henman Hill but with Murray's rise to the top do we now call it Murray Mount or even Murray Mound?

Henman Hill Murray Mound

Social media says no! It remains Henman Hill!

Lavazza and Evian the Most Visible Sponsors

With millions of viewers around the world, Wimbledon is a sponsorship bonanza. It's not just the official sponsors but also all the sponsors for the players and even attending celebrities. But which brands are we seeing the most this year? What will we remember?

Well if you're glued to your smartphone screen, chances are it'll be Lavazza, Evian and Under Armour that stand out the most. Using our image recognition technology to pick out the most used logos in social media posts, it's these three brands that are the most visible so far, with Lavazza leading the way.

Image Recognition

Fancy some 🍓🍓🍓?

Strawberries, cream and Wimbledon. It's the perfect match and no surprise then that thousands of us (over 14,000 in fact) decided it would be a good idea to use the strawberry emoji in our social posts. In the absence of a decent cream emoji, here's the top 🍓 post: