Who are the real social media influencers?

Who are the real social media influencers?

As a quick recap of last week’s Social Media Marketing Conference in the Cavendish Conference Centre, London, we would like to share some insights on the 'real' social media influencers. More specifically, we will explain how to identify them easily and how to use a social media monitoring solution like Talkwalker.

In general, influencer marketing is about just getting the right message to the relevant audience at the ideal time. Listening tools do help in identifying and tracking that audience over time by providing metrics. Hence, this entire process is iterative.

The process for identifying influencers

First of all, it is fundamental to understand your customers and create customer profiles accordingly. Once you've determined the stage at which the customers are during their buyer's journey, it is possible to define topics of interest for each stage, and spread that content with the help of the influencers. This is what makes influencers valuable for your business. If you convince them, they will convince their networks.

Now that the importance of influencers has been proven, it is important to turn real-life questions into actionable programs. Starting the engine is easy. Just set up the relevant keywords and let Talkwalker crawl news sites, blog, forums, and commonly used social media for you. For example, a relevant keyword for this event would be the hashtag “#smm13”. Once the results are stored, their authors (potential influencers) can be simply filtered on the clearly structured interface, e.g. by reach, engagement, impact, or influence score. The communication regarding Social Media Marketing Conference 2013 took place on Twitter with a majority of 98.8%, where the most active Twitter users are the following: