What Social Media Thinks of Brexit – The Real-Time EU Referendum Dashboard

What Social Media Thinks of Brexit – The Real-Time EU Referendum Dashboard

On June 23rd 2016, the people of the UK will make a historic decision to determine whether their nation will remain in the European Union or leave.

Over the last couple of months, coverage online and discussions on social media have reached fever pitch and we decided to use Talkwalker social media analytics to analyze these online discussions. We’ve put everything together in a real-time social media dashboard that anyone can use to understand how the discussion around a potential Brexit is developing on social and online. We’ve looked at everything from the top public figures discussed alongside the EU referendum to how the most viral articles have spread across the internet. The data is updated every 15 minutes and you can find even deeper insights by hovering over the different graph elements.

Best of all, the dashboard is an open resource so everyone with an interest can come take a look at the data and get up to date statistics for use in blogs, tweets, articles or even just to share with friends and colleagues. And if you want more in-depth information, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you out. Here’s a sneak peak at what you can find.

Key Statistics from the Last 24 Hours

brexit dashboard screenshot

Leave vs Remain Hashtags

leave remain hashtags

How the Most Viral Articles are Spreading

brexit virality celebrity

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*Note: As the EU referendum has now finished the Brexit dashboard is no longer live. Please visit our live social media insights page for real-time data about major brands/industries and other live events.