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Video + Survey: Measuring and Defining Earned Media in a Mobile-First Digital World

Video + Survey: Measuring and Defining Earned Media in a Mobile-First Digital World

Talkwalker teamed up with leading video content and distribution company D S Simon Media to better understand and tackle the ongoing complexities of garnering earned media in today’s rapidly evolving mobile and digital landscape.

With the rising rates of ad blocking, adoption of mobile-first everything, and social media app use, brands and marketers in all industries are realizing just how critical using video content and channels like social media are to building an effective, comprehensive, and multi-platform marketing communications strategy. Budgets are growing fast for these innovative tactics, and marketers are beginning to see strong returns. But, how is earned media defined in the mobile-first social media age and how should it be measured?

In a joint initiative, Talkwalker and D S Simon have released an in-demand survey and an in-depth video that will reveal best-in-class insight into how PR and communications teams are working to earn media and the platforms and analytics they’re using to measure results. Talkwalker’s CEO of the Americas, Todd Grossman, and D S Simon Media CEO & President, Doug Simon, sat down and discussed the challenges, best practices, and more in this exclusive interview.

Key Quotes

“There’s so much data out there right now that you really have to use an advanced analytics platform to be able to see where your content has been picked up, where you’re getting earned media, and where things are going viral.” – Todd Grossman

“What you’re able to do now is look at the virality of messaging so if something started in earned media, it’s going to other places online through earned media.” – Todd Grossman

We hope you enjoyed our video and learned a thing or two about the importance of earned media and the effectiveness of analytics and measurement in today’s fast moving media landscape. We also encourage you to participate in our online survey by clicking here: Brand Video & Communications Survey

And don’t forget to check back in a couple of weeks when we’ll be breaking down the results of the survey to get a true picture of the state of earned media.