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Tottenham vs Manchester City: What the social buzz around a football match can tell you

Tottenham vs Manchester City: What the social buzz around a football match can tell you

We must admit that when we were asked to produce an analysis on sentiment for the Manchester City vs Tottenham match, we were worried about the endless possibilities for conversation that a football match provides. And this one did not disappoint: penalties, red cards, 4 goals scored by a single player - the Etihad stadium was on fire from beginning to the very end of the match.

Of course, given the dynamics of a football game, we hadn’t given too much thought to some factors such as penalties and red cards. But thorough as we are, we set up post-hoc listening to provide the deepest insights possible.

Our focus in this report was sentiment analysis – before, during and after the game. In addition to the automatic sentiment analysis provided by Talkwalker, we used customized theme clouds to illustrate the multitude of emotions surrounding a football match. The theme clouds also gave us the opportunity to crosscheck emotions with the sentiment analysis. Because of the language used in the context of many sports events, the automated sentiment can be a bit tricky.

We also included a number of other aspects that we deemed interesting, for example the different influencers and the role they played during the game. Of course we included players, but also other important people like pundits and sports commentators. Their online activity was monitored throughout multiple media, since we wanted to give the feel of the game both on and off the pitch. Other topics that were dealt with show how detailed analysis can be when good technology meets knowledge and creativity.

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