Looking for a Topsy Alternative? Talkwalker Free Search is Your Answer

    Social media marketers around the world may well be mourning the loss of Topsy, the free social search tool, but don't fret, Talkwalker is here to help. Apple, who took over Topsy labs two years ago, finally shut down the social analytics engine last week and we've actually been tracking mentions of Topsy over the last week using our own free social search tool to understand the levels of buzz.

    Here's our free Topsy alternative

    Topsy mentions last week social analytics

    Analytics from the Talkwalker free search shows that Topsy buzz peaked on December 16

    As you can see from the charts above, the news has caused quite a stir in the Twittersphere especially, with 94% of the 20,000+ mentions coming from this media type. But Talkwalker's free search is really much more than a Topsy alternative, with the wide variety of functions and options actually surpassing Topsy's offering.

    Track Results from a Wider Variety of Media Channels

    Topsy's social media analytics only provided results from Twitter, but Talkwalker can offer you results from online news channels, blogs, magazines, Flickr as well as all the major social platforms. By simply entering your keyword into the search bar, you can instantly see exactly where, when and at what volume, conversations about a brand, topic or hashtag are taking place. Here for example, is a quick look at the most active forum threads about Star Wars:

    forum star wars mentions topsy alternative

    Star Wars was mentioned over 125,000 times on forums alone between Dec. 15  -Dec. 21, 2015


    Benefit from More Filtering Options than any other Social Search

    Having lots of data at your disposal is great but Talkwalker's Free Search gives you more filtering options to choose from so you can get greater value from your social data:

    filtering options

     Talkwalker's wide range of filtering options help you get more from social data

    Talkwalker offers extensive language and country filtering so you can segment your results more accurately and  the ability to sort results by posts and articles that include images, video and/or audio. Using the device filter, you can even see exactly which devices people are using to tweet about a particular brand or hashtag:

    adidas device tweets

     Tweets about @adidas sorted by engagement and filtered to include only those posted using an iPhone


    Easy to Use and Incredibly Powerful

    Just like Topsy, Talkwalker's free search is very easy to use. You just enter the brand, hashtag or topic of your choice into the search bar and with one click you'll have a wide range of analytics at your fingertips. Of course, the free search is just a small part of the full package of social data intelligence that Talkwalker can offer,  but as a free social search tool, Talkwalker free search gives you the analytics you need to more than satisfy your Topsy cravings. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!