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Top Social Media Campaigns from FMCG Companies: How Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad Inspired Millions

Top Social Media Campaigns from FMCG Companies: How Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad Inspired Millions

Marketers are always looking for fresh ways to make their content more appealing and impactful. In our latest report, we’ve looked at top FMCG household and personal care brands and used social data to explain how their social media campaigns achieved top results.

Using social listening, we’ve examined Ariel’s social strategy and found one campaign that was particularly interesting. The P&G brand launched the #ShareTheLoad campaign to challenge stereotypes and promote gender equality, and the video they produced aims to encourage men to help with the housework.

Ariel India Facebook homepage

Ariel India Ariel India has received an incredible amount of attention with their video, which also resulted in strong follower growth.

Attention from the Right People can Supercharge your Content

Since Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg shared the video on her page, it has received more than 11 million views and Ariel has been widely praised for creating a campaign that challenges gender stereotypes.

Facebook post about Ariel's campaign

#ShareTheLoad received more than 800,000 engagements and Sheryl Sandberg‘s post was one of the top 3 most shared posts about a brand in the past month (24 Feb – 23 March 2016).

talkwalker statistics engagement rate

Compared to the previous month, #ShareTheLoad performed incredibly well, reaching over 800k engagements.

Through Sandberg‘s post, other prominent figures like Melinda Gates and Robert Scoble became aware of the video and shared it in turn. Now, at nearly 300,000 shares, the post is among the most widely shared posts for February-March.

Spreading the Message on Other Channels: Online News and Twitter

As soon as the post began to gain traction on Facebook, online news outlets picked it up as well and from there it was shared on other networks. The Virality Map below shows how the Daily Mail’s article on the subject spread on Twitter, days after Sheryl Sandberg had originally shared the video.

talkwalker statistics virality map

#ShareTheLoad article from the Daily Mail got shared on Twitter and on forums and blogs, thus reaching an even wider audience than before.

The Top FMCG Household and Personal Care Social Media Campaigns

From our example above, it’s clear that although FMCG household and personal care brands don’t always create the most exciting products, there’s still a lot of potential for inspiring and creative campaigns.

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