Top 20 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Trending On The Web

Top 20 Father’s Day Gift Ideas Trending On The Web

Are you wondering if your dad is fed up of getting the same old ties and pens that have been piling up in his drawer over the last few years? Out of inspiration and running out of time? Father’s day is this Sunday, and if you are hoping to get the trendiest gift for your dad this weekend, we have compiled a list of gift ideas that have been rocking the social web for the last month. Let's get dad psyched on this special day!

Pleasures of the palet

If dad is a food lover you are in luck because barbecue related themes are definitely at the heart of the web at the moment. BBQ bag-to-go, BBQ ribs, electric BBQ machines… If you haven’t yet got one then you might want to order a BBQ Bag-To-Go online right now, and pick the right grill tools as recommended by Grilling specialist Steven Raichlen. And don’t forget a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to go with that juicy steak!

Indiana Jones at heart

For the more adventurous dads, B and Q has created a special campaign for Fathers’ day, which has triggered 2607 mentions on Twitter worldwide in only 8 days. Nice job! More generally, "DIY" is a term that is on everyone’s lips (check out these 12 DIY Gift Ideas for Father’s Day). Fishing comes next, with 1056 mentions mainly from Twitter and online news.

Big Kids?!

For the dads who are still children at heart (that must sound familiar to you), Angry Birds and spaceships also get their share of voice among all conversations around Father's day gifts. Not sure if your dad is more the adventure lover or in search of childhood memories? Check out these Angry Birds fishing lures, an ideal compromise!

It's Father's day: Relax...

If hearing the word "relax" releases a large amount of endorphin to your dad's brain, then he probably enjoys some much deserved male pampering to soothe his mind and body. Good news, as Nutricentre has earned great recognition for their Father's day online contest, with 1314 tweets in 8 days only. Winning participants got the Grooming Duo Rehab Men’s Scrub UP Daily Detox and Men’s Morning Glory Set. A similar product is the Label.Men Exclusive Grooming Kit.

Tech rules the world

By the third paragraph of this article, you might have wondered where on earth the list of tech gadgets was, because like most dads, yours is most probably of the tech-savvy variety. Online news, blogs, forums, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were all wild about popular hi-tech gadgets for this occasion, and of course one could not miss the most mentioned items: Apple products (iPods, iPhones, iPads, iMacs... including accessories such as docks or cases) with 1762 mentions, versus Samsung latest gadgets with 448 mentions, but also Barnes and Nobles’ Nook, the Nikon D7100 DSLR camera, The big button amplified cordless phone Clarity D714 and the Apen Touch 8.

You have the inspiration, now it’s up to you to choose the perfect gift for your dad!

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