The US Election 2016 Live Dashboard

The US Election 2016 Live Dashboard

Which way will the United States vote on November 8th? For Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

It's a decision that will impact every country in the world, and as election day draws near, the debate is heating up. From today's live TV debate and discussions between friends and family, to the hashtags, tweets and memes dominating social media, people around the world have an opinion and many are voicing these opinions online.

Our live dashboard for US Election 2016 provides a window onto these discussions and gives people an idea of exactly which stories, issues, topics and tweets are impacting the conversation and perhaps even a glimpse of who will come out on top in a months time. Best of all, the data is free for all to view and updates every 15 minutes so you can see the impact of debates, breaking news and other key moments, as they happen.

Here are some of the best bits:

us election social dashboard gif

*Note: As the 2016 election has now been completed our election tracker is no longer live. Please visit our live social media insights page to discover more real-time data about global brands/industries and other live events.