Introducing Talkwalker IQ Apps: Actionable Social Intelligence in an Instant

Introducing Talkwalker IQ Apps: Actionable Social Intelligence in an Instant

The amount of data that companies need to crunch is increasing all the time. In fact IBM estimates that 90% of the world's data has been created in the last two years alone. From financial data and customer data to our area of expertise, social data, this explosion of information has created immense opportunities to uncover business insights based on this "big data". But actually understanding this mass of data is a challenge for all except the most accomplished data analysts. And finding actionable insights quickly and efficiently can be even tougher.

We’ve developed our social data intelligence platform to facilitate the social data analytics process. Now with the introduction of our pioneering feature, Talkwalker IQ Apps, our social data intelligence solution has become even more powerful and easy to use.

Over several months, our development team has incorporated feedback from clients and the first-hand experience of our seasoned social media consultants to create IQ Apps, an intuitive social data solution that provides tailored social insights in just a few clicks.

Precise Social Insights for Specific Needs

The aim of IQ Apps is to make the process of finding tailored, actionable insights from social data quicker and easier than ever before. To this end, each IQ App has been carefully set up to provide highly relevant social insights on specific business needs such as crisis management, brand listening and competitive intelligence, amongst others.

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The precise focus of each IQ App means that you can now significantly reduce the time spent searching for the social metrics relevant to your needs and instead reallocate this time towards actually using the social intelligence gathered and spreading it throughout the enterprise to help orient your business strategy.

Refine Your Brand Strategy

For example, our Brand Listening IQ App gives you in-depth insights about your brand's social footprint:

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In this case, the key for companies is to be able to monitor their brand from a variety of angles. So there are more options, for example, to filter results by media channels. You can also view the themes and influencers that are most important for your brand, giving you an instant snapshot of how your brand is positioned and who is having the biggest impact on it.

Improve Your Crisis Management

By contrast, our Crisis IQ App gives you all the most relevant metrics for crisis tracking and management in one view: crisis management final 2 logo

In a crisis situation, every minute can be critical so the metrics are focused on key crisis indicators such as positive and negative buzz and spikes in mentions, allowing PR professionals to instantly know the tone and volume of social conversations. As the visualizations are in real-time, users can keep track of a crisis as it is happening and then easily distribute updated reports to management and other key stakeholders using the quick reporting function.

Uncover Competitive Intelligence

Intense competition is a part of everyday life for companies in most industries and our Competitive Intelligence IQ App gives you the most important metrics for comparing your own social performance to your competitors:

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These include comparisons of share of voice across all online channels but also options to directly compare performance of owned social media channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram against your competitors. Using these insights, companies can not only keep track of their competitors online performance but also get a better understanding of the content and strategies that work in the industry as a whole.

These are just a few examples of the IQ Apps that are now available for use. Others look at the key social metrics for advertising, hashtag campaigns and social channel analytics.

Our IQ Apps are fully integrated into the Talkwalker social data intelligence platform. The insights gleaned from the Apps can be easily integrated into custom-made dashboards and reports that can then be distributed throughout the enterprise. Each data visualization is also interactive, so you can drill deeper into specific topics, spikes in mentions or time-frames.

In a world where the business landscape is constantly moving, finding relevant insights quickly is critical. Talkwalker IQ Apps make the process of finding these insights easier and faster than ever. They give you the information you need to act quickly and decisively across all departments.

For more information on Talkwalker IQ Apps, visit our IQ Apps page here. We also encourage you to sign up for a demo with one of our social data experts so you can see social data intelligence in action.

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