Talkwalker Academy: Social Media Monitoring for the Pharma Industry

Talkwalker Academy: Social Media Monitoring for the Pharma Industry

Like most – or really all – industries, pharmaceuticals can’t ignore the importance of social media and the conversation happening on these networks. Patients turn to blogs and Facebook to share their stories or research diseases. Physicians use specialised forums for discussions with their peers and gain insights into new forms of therapy. Within all of these conversations, there is valuable information that can benefit pharmaceutical companies.

We’ve launched a section dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry on the Talkwalker Academy, where we provide social media insights and explain the benefits of social media monitoring for pharma companies. In this section you’ll also find real-time social media statistics for global pharma brands. You’ll be able to discover a variety of information including the online performance, sentiment, worldwide buzz and other social media metrics for the biggest industry players such as Roche, Bayer, Novartis and many more. You can also access these reports directly from our special pharma homepage by simply clicking on the respective logos.

Share of countries Boehringer IngelheimDid you know, for example, that the German-based company Boehringer Ingelheim receives almost twice as much buzz in the United States than it does in its home country, with a share of 40% compared to just 18.3% for Germany?

Even though many people talk about death and disease in relation to pharma companies and their products, would you have expected negative sentiment of 75% for GlaxoSmithKline?

Sentiment GlaxoSmithKline

In the Pharma section of the Academy, you’ll find our how-to guide, explaining the benefits of social media listening for different departments of pharma companies, such as the Market Research, Research & Development and Communications teams. It also contains the 6 essentials of successful social listening, so pharma companies can get a head-start on their monitoring. Find the how-to guide here!

To further illustrate what social analytics can do for the pharma industry, we took an example from a very current crisis and had a deeper look at the conversation surrounding the development of an Ebola vaccine. Pharmaceutical companies can use this case study to see how they can use social media monitoring tools to find the most relevant topics and filter out the results that are most interesting for them. Moreover, you’ll get insights on reputation and crisis management, as well as competitor monitoring for pharma. The case study is available here.

And if you want to see how your brand fares – even if you’re not in the pharma industry – try Talkwalker Pro for even deeper insights and analytics.

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