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Talkwalker Academy: Social Media Monitoring for the Insurance Industry

Talkwalker Academy: Social Media Monitoring for the Insurance Industry

The incredible global growth of social networks has created vast amounts of new social data in every industry, including insurance. Conversations on these networks are a treasure trove of information for insurance companies and with social media analytics, this data can be turned into actionable insights. From getting customer insights and identifying public perception of insurance products, to identifying industry best practices through monitoring competitors, social media monitoring can play a key role in improving your business.

We've launched a new section in the Talkwalker Academy that will show insurance companies the benefits of social listening and identify the best practices for getting the most out of social media analytics.

You’ll find up-to-date social media statistics for the insurance industry looking at metrics like online sentiment, share of voice, buzz, engagement and more. You can also see how some of the biggest insurance companies in the world fare on social media with individual company breakdowns for major brands like AIG, Allianz, Zurich Insurance and Aviva.

Here’s a sneak peek:

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