Survey: Getting inside the mind of a Social Media Marketer

Survey: Getting inside the mind of a Social Media Marketer

Has there ever been a more exciting or complex time to be a marketer? The rules are changing constantly and rapid shifts in technology are giving marketing best practices the shelf life of a ripe banana. It’s an era where social business success favours the nimble and experimental social media marketer.

But who’s in the driving seat on your social media success? What makes them tick? And more importantly - what does a social media manager do, anyway?

In a survey carried out in February we asked a series of these no-holds-barred questions to our digital communities to get to know them a little bit better. We covered everything from their work, their salary, their budgets, their KPIs, their challenges and we got some very interesting results.

Managing social media effectively is crucial to a brand’s success so in this last post, we wanted to see what social media marketers had to say about their work culture, success drivers, rewards and overall job satisfaction!

Inside the mind of a social media marketer - Talkwalker

Day-to-Day Work

Managing social media for an organization is a complex role – often requiring an adept understanding of psychology, evangelism, storytelling, and of course, firefighting. Bearing this in mind - it’s interesting to see that 44.7% of US participants and 22.7% of UK participants replied that they see themselves not just as social media managers or marketers, but rather as the “Jack of all trades” in their organisation. Furthermore, it’s interesting that while 13.6% of UK respondents listed themselves as social media managers, there was not a single UK-based community manager among the respondents - unlike their American counterparts, who had 9.4% of respondents spread across both categories. This could correspond to the fact that 31.8% of UK responden