Spring in San Francisco: What's Trending on Social Media

Spring in San Francisco: What's Trending on Social Media

It is officially spring in San Francisco and a few months since the opening of Talkwalker’s second United States office! We decided to check in with our west coast team, as well as do a little social listening around the conversation in our new city to see what residents are talking about.

We looked at a sample of all social media posts originating in the city of San Francisco, from April 1st to the present.


talkwalker statistics gender breakdown

In San Francisco, more men than women are active on social media. English is the most widely spoken language, with Spanish and Turkish as second and third most common languages.

talkwalker statistics language breakdown


Aside from political or historical events, many people in San Francisco participated in the online conversation around events outside their city, such as Burning Man, or the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

talkwalker statistics

Some local events, such as Maker Faire and the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival were trending as well.


Many hashtags reflected not only the city (#SanFrancisco and #SF - 18.6% of hashtags), but the city’s employment climate. Hashtags popped up including #hiring and #jobs: 18% of hashtags. Local sports teams were a popular topic: #49ers, #SFgiants and #NFL comprised of 13.8% of hashtags.


Of the images posted online in San Francisco, 61.2% of images were outdoors. The top brands represented visually in San Francisco were the San Francisco 49ers, ESPN, Google, Pepsi, and Apple.

visual SF


When fashion model Karlie Kloss visited San Francisco in April, her Instagram photo was the most engaging post.

karliekloss instagram post

Social listening can provide some powerful - and fun - insights. Stay tuned for more social media trends in New York, San Francisco, and the rest of the United States!

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