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Do you know that we are indexing all major social networks in 187 languages
Sorry Google Alerts, it’s time for a more efficient tool to monitor the web...

Sorry Google Alerts, it’s time for a more efficient tool to monitor the web...

Ever wanted more than 24 hours in a day? If you’re in digital marketing, I know you do….every day. All. The. Time. The lion’s share of our job is dedicated to keeping an eye on our brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, news, blog posts… and discussion forums. Oh, and to be prepared at all times with the perfect response to every comment.

Just reading this makes you want to tear your out hair, right?

Me too. So we solved this problem the Talkwalker way. We took Talkwalker Alerts and fine-tuned it so that the very real and time-consuming task of brand monitoring is seriously reduced. Starting now, Talkwalker Alerts will not only identify all mentions of your brand from across the internet, but also from - drum roll - TWITTER

Create an alert in just 10 seconds

We’re now the only free alerts service, that follows your brand on social media (as well as the internet).

Introducing Twitter results

Let’s take a step back. What does receiving alerts from Twitter mean for you?

It solves the problem of you having to sign into TweetDeck (or any other Twitter monitoring service) every hour or so to keep track of the slew of tweets that the good Tweeple are tweeting about your brand (too many Tweet references?).

Our smart system screens all tweets about your brand and sends you the ones with the highest engagement. So you only have to worry about the conversations that matter the most. As you’ve probably guessed, we work smart ;).

It also means you save more time for the bajillion other things on your to-do list. Blog posts, landing page optimizations, email copy… sound familiar?

Elevate your alerts… no really!

Speaking of saving time - did you know that in addition to brand monitoring, Talkwalker Alerts support SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing, AND competitive intelligence?

Oh, and we’re still talking about a totally free tool!

How? Our daily (or weekly/real-time) emails will alert you to which blogs or websites have mentioned you so you can target them for backlinks or influencer partnerships.

You can also see what’s hot in your industry by setting up alerts accordingly and getting a head start on filling your content marketing calendar. And last, but not least, you can set up alerts for your competitors to keep a close eye on them.

Set up an alert in just 10 seconds!

We know that time is money - so we’ve made sure that it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to set up an alert. You simply have to enter your search query into our alerts powerhouse as shown in the image below :

  • Then, select the sources for your alerts. You can either have alerts from all our sources - news, Twitter, blogs and discussions, or one or more of these. Note: If you're an existing user and don't see Twitter alerts yet, you just have to go in to your dashboard, and "manage" your existing alerts to add Twitter as a source.

  • Select how often you want to receive the results. For brand monitoring, we recommend the first option: As it happens; so that you get a real-time view of what is being said about your brand.

  • You can also choose for your results to be displayed in 1 of our 22 languages

  • And finally, you can choose to receive all mentions of your brand or just the top ten results.

Take it for a test drive?

Want to know what’s better than a brand monitoring tool that delivers alerts as they happen from across the internet as well as Twitter? A free brand monitoring tool that does all of the above. Oh and it’s going to stay free forever!

So what are you waiting for? Our alerts email is the one email that gives you information without asking for a single thing in return! Let ours be the one email you look forward to.