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Social Media Scorecard: Spotlight on the Healthcare Industry

Social Media Scorecard: Spotlight on the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry in the United States is massive. The top insurance providers in the United States take in a combined $415 billion in annual revenue, employ over 400,000 people, and provide healthcare coverage to millions. With such reach and power in mind, we’re taking a closer look at how the biggest industry players handle their social media activities. 

Below you’ll find social media data for UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, Aetna, Cigna, and Humana. These insurers utilize both a general company handle and one designated for customer support.


Positive or negative, health insurers are constantly being mentioned in various publications and on social media. Here’s a snapshot of the last week of the 26.7K mentions for the top five insurers:

Positive or negative mentions

The number of mentions around Aetna this week were striking. Talkwalker’s social analytics platform can tell that the company dominated 63.1% of the conversation. When a health insurance company is caught up in controversy, that conversation is amplified through social media.

Talkwalker’s social analytics platform


Social listening platforms like Talkwalker can provide the healthcare industry a way to analyze positive, neutral, or negative sentiment toward a brand. Analyzing sentiment is a way for brands to see how the public views the company. It’s common for customers to utilize platforms like Twitter for complaints, which may skew sentiment data negative. Brands can use Talkwalker’s platform to benchmark their positive and negative mentions, watch for any drastic changes, and create new goals.

Social Listening platforms


Emojis are a fun way for customers to express a variety of emotions when talking about their health insurance providers. For companies, they provide an extra level of insight into brand sentiment.

Emojis express emotions

Customer Support on Twitter

While Humana is the smallest of the top five healthcare insurers, it has an active Twitter account and provides robust customer support. Its followers are the most engaged of these insurers.

Customer Support on Twitter

For being the county's biggest private healthcare provider, UnitedHealthcare doesn't reach as many people as it should through social media, as shown below.


When people turn to Twitter to vent their frustrations, social listening ends up being more important than ever. Being able to interact with someone, even though a social media channel, may end up solving a problem and leave the customer with a more positive impression of the company.

To learn more about social listening and reputation monitoring for healthcare, request a free demo from Talkwalker.

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