10 Super Social Media Marketing News Stories - Nov 17

10 Super Social Media Marketing News Stories - Nov 17

Faster than a speeding trend. More powerful than a CTA. Able to leap your SEO in a single bound. Continuing our social media marketing news series, here are the latest super stories making an impact this November.

Why 10? Well, according to Venngage, 10 is the superest number after all.

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Before checking out today's news, we've put our industry experts' powers of prediction to the test. Here's what they forecast as next year's news stories in our Social Media Trends for 2018 SlideShare.

Social Media Marketing News: Facebook

  1. Facebook Adds New Groups Features

It’s so much easier to fight crime if you’re part of a superhero league. The same when you’re in marketing.

The Facebook Group feature has always been a great tool for building and nurturing your community. Now, Facebook has added more features to make managing that community easier.

With welcome posts to introduce new members, badges to help identify admins, and member profiles to help everyone to get to know one another.

Facebook adds Features

The new Member Profile gives members an overview of other members’ activities.

Plus, new control features can help administrators manage their communities. With more insights to find when’s the best time to post, and more tools to manage group rule breakers.

  1. Facebook Provides News Feed Guidelines

Though usually more secretive than the Batcave, Facebook has revealed some of the mystery behind their News Feed algorithms. And better still, they’ve provided some detailed guidelines on how publishers can enhance their content to connect with more people.

They cover the more obvious things, like ensuring your content isn’t hate speech or clickbait, but also advise you to look at elements you may not have considered, such as optimizing your mobile web experience, and ensuring you have account security.

Social Media Marketing News: Twitter

  1. Twitter Looking to Launch ‘Save For Later’

Being a hero isn’t just about saving the day. It’s also about saving tweets.

Following Facebook’s lead, Twitter is finalizing a ‘Save For Later’ option, allowing users to save any interesting tweets or articles for later viewing.

As Twitter's feed is gone in a heartbeat, it’s hard to create tweets that last. But with the addition of user bookmarks, if you can make content that grabs people’s attention straight away, your consumers can come back to it later when they’re less busy.

This could have an eventual effect on what content you share on Twitter. Forget instant gratification, and start thinking about long-term engagement.

  1. Twitter Releases ‘Happening Now’ Feature

To be a true superhero, you need to know what’s happening as it happens. Forget the Bat-Signal. Twitter is your solution, with their new Happening Now feature.

At the top of your stream, you’ll soon see ‘happening now.’ These are current topics or live events that Twitter feels are suitable for you. Choose one, and you’ll find a stream of posts related to that subject.

Although only initially for sports in the US, it’ll soon be available for a range of topics worldwide. The aim is to make Twitter more accessible for new users, making it easier for them to find subjects that matter to them, rather than people. Remember to be on trend with your content to make the most of this feature.

Social Media Marketing News: LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn Messaging Adds New Smart Replies

Imagine. You’re battling an evil supervillain when a business contact messages you to go for coffee. You can’t stop what you’re doing, but you can’t blow them off either. Enter Smart Replies from LinkedIn Messaging.

Using machine learning and AI, you’ll get suggested responses to incoming messages, making it easier and faster for you to reply on the go.

In the future, LinkedIn is aiming to add more personalization to your responses too. So whether you’re rushing to save the world, or rushing for that next deadline, you can still keep in touch with your business contacts quickly and efficiently.

Social Media Marketing News: Pinterest

  1. Pinterest Celebrates 200 Million Pinners With New Features

While a superhero is one in a million, Pinners are much more common. Pinterest is celebrating reaching 200 million users since their launch in 2010. If Pinterest was a country, it’d be the seventh largest in the world.

But Pinterest isn’t planning to sit still either, with new features added as requested by their members. First up, is to add segmentations to boards. Pinners have asked for ways to make finding their pins easier, and by splitting your boards into relevant sections, this could be the solution.

If you’ve not tried Pinterest out yet, now’s the time to jump onboard, and make the most of that growing audience.

Social Media Marketing News: Instagram

  1. Instagram Allows you to ‘Go Live With’ a Friend

Batman and Robin. Captain America and Falcon. Mario and Luigi. The best superheroes work in pairs, and now Instagram is helping you team up to make Live Videos.

Instagram new opportunities

Two heads are better than one in Live Videos.

When broadcasting, you can soon add a guest to your video stream, opening up new opportunities. You could look at live interviews, or give viewers a chance to see events from two different perspectives. And, as with all live videos, you can discard them afterward, or save them as Stories on either Instagram or Facebook.

Fire up your Instagram campaign with them when they roll out worldwide in the next few months.

Social Media Marketing News: Snapchat

  1. Snapchat Adds Context Cards

Adding context to real life would be great sometimes. You could work out Batman’s true identity (Spoiler: It’s Bruce Wayne). Or discover more about an awesome Snap you’ve just seen.

That's what Snapchat’s new Context Cards are all about.

If you’re inspired by a Snap, you can now swipe up for more info. You’ll find details of locations, opening hours, reviews, and easy-click ways to get there, like Uber or Lyft.

For businesses, it’s simpler to gain brand engagement. Just ensure your Snaps are interesting enough for people to want to know more, and they’ll soon be checking you out.

Social Media Marketing News: YouTube

  1. YouTube Becomes More Child-Friendly

We all love superheroes. But don’t forget the sidekicks. They need time in the spotlight too.

That’s why YouTube Kids has been working to become even friendlier for your little sidekicks.

Youtube becomes Child-Friendly

The new YouTube Kids app is now very visually different.

You can now create customizable profiles for each child, with the app layout changing to suit their needs and abilities.

And they can have a password of their own, to keep out nosey siblings (but not you).

The YouTube team will continue to provide more relevant content in the future, so expect to see more age targeted advertising opportunities too.

Social Media Marketing News: Google

  1. Google Looks to Change the Hamburger Emoji

With Superman’s chest S, The Flash’s Lightning Bolt, or the X-Men’s, erm, X, symbols are key to superheroes.

The same can be said for Google, who was recently made aware of how weirdly placed the cheese is on their Hamburger Emoji. With the internet being the internet, there was a big debate on how a hamburger should be layered, with Google's CEO Sundar Pichai promising a solution if “folks can agree on a correct way to do this.”

Google looks to change

So many ways to stack a burger.

Personally, I think Hamburgers shouldn’t come with cheese. But let’s not complicate matters even more, eh?

Time to Fly

That’s it for another month. It’s been super. Now you’re more aware of what’s happening in social media right now, it’s time to slip on a cape, put your underwear on the outside of your tights, and go save your next marketing campaign.

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