Shock #HungParliament Leaves Social Media Stunned - UK Election 2017

Shock #HungParliament Leaves Social Media Stunned - UK Election 2017

It began with a bang at 10pm UK time on June 8th as the first exit poll predicted a result that nobody on either side had expected - a hung parliament with the Conservatives failing to win a clear majority.

The hashtag #HungParliament started trending and we decided to follow the social media discussion around this momentous event:

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How the night played out on social

It was potentially disastrous news for Prime Minister Theresa May but for others...

That said, it was still early days, many were still unsure if the exit poll would reflect the eventual outcome given the big difference to polling numbers before the election and previous election results...

Stats wise #HungParliament spiked up on the announcement of the exit poll, but it wasn't until Theresa May's failure to win a majority was almost a certainty that usage really started to rise (well that and people waking up having fallen asleep during the election coverage).

#HungParliament reactions

The reaction on social media to Theresa May's terrible night? The emojis tell the story:

Top emoji Theresa May

And celebrities weren't shy about voicing their criticism with a tweet from Gary Lineker going viral:

virality map

And was Labour's strong result due to the impact of social media? Well, it's always hard to know exactly what impact social media chatter has on an election but there's no doubt which party was making the most noise in the lead up to June 8th:

talkwalker statistics

And as news of the Tory failure to consolidate their position spreads across the world, faith in Theresa May's ability to lead the party and country is being called into question. We've seen a steady increase in debate about whether Theresa May should resign over the course of the night and early morning.

talkwalker statistics

So that's the social media reaction as it stands now but with the future leadership of the UK still very much in the balance, no doubt social media in the UK will be abuzz with debate in the days to come!

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