Shaping post-pandemic success with consumer insights: Hear from Red Comm Indonesia

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    About the panelists

    • Adhitya Cahyadi - Data Consultant for Red Comm Indonesia
    • Samuel Suganda - Creative Director for Red Comm Indonesia
    • Khairussufi Rafa’ee - Regional Sales Director, JAPAC for Talkwalker

    Shaping post-pandemic success with consumer insights

    The webinar started with the moderator of the session, Nadira Rafeek, discussing the importance of brands making the most of a constantly evolving situation - in order to be in the best position to strive in a post-pandemic world. As the business environment in Southeast Asia remains dynamic, we will continue to witness numerous changes in consumer behavior. Brands need to ensure that their strategy is rooted in the latest consumer insights.

    Social Media Trends 2022 - Age of the Consumer

    Brands need to stay one step ahead of the top social media trends that consumers will care about in 2022. For the past few years, we saw consumers’ influence on brands grow through the use of social media. With the pandemic serving as a catalyst, consumer-centricity will be a key priority for brands next year, leading the way forward.

    Following the introduction of the Social Media Trends campaign, we moved into the panel discussion with our guest speakers.

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    In your experience, what constitutes a reactive brand and a proactive one? (6:50)

    Khairussufi kicked things off by getting some insights from Samuel regarding the characteristics of reactive brands, and how they’re different from the proactive and forward-looking brands today.

    “Being proactive is the key to being relevant. That’s why it’s really important to listen and understand what people are talking about and looking for - that’s how the forward-thinking brands are making it happen.” Samuel Suganda

    Post-pandemic content will shape up to consumer needs (9:10)

    We then looked at how the pandemic created a world of online consumers who expect a tailored experience, with content that is relevant, personalized, and backed by data. As a result, many companies today remain nimble and change their content in order to cater to specific audiences.

    4 key content trends (13:35)

    Samuel discussed some of the key content trends that have been gaining popularity today, and shared campaign examples of top brands putting some of these trends into practice.


    Trend 1: Hunger strikes back with snackables

    With the rise of Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts, short video content is becoming a staple for consumers. They offer easy to digest and entertaining content for every day consumption.

    Trend 2: Template for creation

    Content that gains significant traction today provides people with a template for recreation, while allowing them to add their personal touch. This gives everyone the chance to become content creators.

    “This is another side of being proactive - we need to create a wave of trends and a movement for people to follow.” Samuel Suganda

    Trend 3: Live generation

    In 2020, there was a boom in live content generation. In particular, live shopping became a popular way for brands to create engaging content while driving sales.

    We also looked at a case study example of a Ramadan campaign by Samsung Indonesia, Samsung Dekat di Hati - a digital live event that encouraged Indonesian consumers to make the most of Ramadan from home.



    Trend 4: Enter the metaverse

    The fourth trend that was discussed is the metaverse - an experience that will allow people to connect and create in a virtual world. Samuel also shared the example of Tahilalats, a virtual comic book character engaged by Samsung as an influencer to promote the new Galaxy M32 . As this becomes more common, brands need to jump in and leverage this trend before it’s too late.

    “As brands and agencies, we need to adapt fast. Following the trends is a must, but being proactive and adopting a trend is the goal.” Samuel Suganda

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    Communities will develop and take control (24:00)

    We then looked at another trend that brands cannot afford to ignore in the coming year - the importance of communities. Isolation and social distancing reinforced the importance of communities, as consumers found alternative ways to socialize. An example of the importance of communities for brands can be seen in the example of K-pop fandoms and the impact they have on consumer electronic brands in Indonesia.

    Apart from driving demand for products from Korean brands, how else have you seen the impact that the community of K-pop fans has on brands in Indonesia? (25:30)

    When asked this question, Adhitya continued the discussion on the importance of communities by highlighting some instances where the Korean fan communities in Indonesia were strong enough to get established brands to take action in response to certain issues. He also shared examples of the K-pop fandoms like BTS creating an impact towards positive causes.

    “We can imagine how much power these communities have, and how we should collaborate with them. We have to work with these communities.” Adhitya Cahyadi

    Freebees Indonesia

    Adhitya also shared the example of Freebees Indonesia, a platform that brings together a community of users to try out certain products and share their reviews with other members - to help in their decision making process. It also allows brands out there to leverage these consumer insights when shaping their product strategy.

    “We have to find these communities, listen to them, and collaborate with them as they are important and have the power to create change.” Adhitya Cahyadi

    Leveraging consumer insights to shape post-pandemic success

    Following the discussion of the top consumer trends, we looked at ways in which brands can approach the huge volumes of consumer data out there when planning their 2022 strategy. Khairussufi presented some Talkwalker insights on the consumer electronics industry, and how these insights can shape the content and campaign strategy for brands.

    consumer electronics theme cloud and top brands

    Top themes driving conversations around the consumer electronics industry

    Key takeaways

    • Brands should take a more proactive approach rather than a reactive one
    • Content and data should always come together to create impact
    • The consumer should be at the centre of everything a brand does

    For more insights and tips from our experts on shaping 2022 success with consumer insights and the latest trends, catch the on-demand video of the full webinar.

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