Royals on Twitter: British Royals Most Active but Mid East Monarchs Most Popular

Royals on Twitter: British Royals Most Active but Mid East Monarchs Most Popular

Over the last two weeks, royal families across the world have been making headlines. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia passed away, Kensington Palace joined Twitter as @KensingtonRoyal, Prince Andrew responded to allegations at the World Economic Forum and and ad was posted for Prince Charles' for a Digital Engagement Officer. Here at Talkwalker, we thought it would be good time to use social media analytics to take a look at how royal families use Twitter and interact with the general public.

British Royals: The Most Active on Twitter

Between late December and late January, the world’s most responsive Royals, those that reply most often to incoming tweets, are all British:

  1. @ClarenceHouse
  2. @KensingtonRoyal
  3. @BritishMonarchy

They also rank highest in the top three Royal accounts that most frequently retweet the content of others,

  1. @BritishMonarchy
  2. @KensingtonRoyal
  3. @Kronprinsparet (The Norwegian Royal Family)

And they rank highly in the most frequently mentioned royal Twitter feeds over last month;

  1. King Salman of Saudi Arabia - 400,000 mentions
  2. Sheikh Mohammed of UAE - 100,000 mentions
  3. British Monarchy third with just over 18,000

British Royals have the most active social networks with the greatest output. They also occupy the top 4 places for owner activity amongst the tweeting royals we monitored.

owner activity

Sentiment Figures for The Queen (British Monarchy), Kensington Palace, Prince Andrew tell different stories however. For the Queen, positive: 33.4%, negative: 30.6% . Some of the reasons behind social negativity are due to discontent at the lowering of flags occasioned by the death of Saudi King Abdullah and new secrecy laws for Royals. Positives sentiment follows birthday wishes for Kate and Countess of Wessex, Australia Day.

Before the allegations surfaced, Prince Andrew enjoyed a strong positive score of 61.6%, largely due to his activities as business envoy, alongside positive wishes around Christmas and New Year. However, his social standing has been impacted significantly by the allegations, with positive sentiment towards his Twitter handle sliding to 34% and whilst negative sentiment rose to 17.5% from 2.6% before. While his account has responded to other tweets in the past, he has not engaged on Twitter on the allegations.

Kensington Palace, newcomers to the social scene who only joined Twitter in mid January, enjoys a positive score of 47.1%, and a negative score of only 8.5%. Positive sentiment comes in recognition of their first tweets and charity activity but negatives come from an intended visit to Japan, with people urging him either not to go, or to raise the issue of dolphin slaughter when he is there.

sentiment statistics for royal Twitter accounts

(Sentiment statistics for royal Twitter accounts in the UK over the last 30 days)


In order of Social Activity

@BritishMonarchy – Buckingham Palace (Queen’s tweets signed Elizabeth R.)

A focus on official announcements, birthdays, official global celebrations (e.g.) Australia Day, sharing content from other royal Twitter accounts, royal statements about world events (charlie hebdo, Australian forest fires)

@ClarenceHouse – Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall

Similar to British Monarchy but with a greater focus on charity activity (i.e. charities that Charles/Camilla represent), also about personal hobbies like the Royal Garden. Also includes some interesting embedded technology such as audio clips of Prince Charles reading doing a reading on Burn’s Night.

@KensingtonRoyal – Duke and Duchess of Wales and Prince Harry

Mainly photos of William, Kate & Harry at various charity events. High proportion of photos in general compared to Queen and Clarence House

@DukeofYork – Prince Andrew

A much more business focused feed than that of other Royal feeds, a few personally signed tweets. (AY). Some mention of his charitable work. The Prince does not mention the allegations against him at all, but people are discussing them on line

@SarahtheDuchess – Sarah Ferguson

By far the most personal feed of UK royals, whose tweets sound as if they are written by Sarah Ferguson personally. Some tweets about events she is attending . Also a fair number of personal, and “inspirational” quotes

@yorkiebea – Princess Beatrice

Does not tweet that often- mainly about charity work – quite a personal twitter feed


Across the world, however, Middle Eastern Royals lead the field with the greatest numbers of followers. Reasons for such large followings include the dual role some Middle Eastern Royals have as Heads of State and the larger population across the Middle East as a whole. Furthermore, Queen Rania’s tendency to tweet personal opinions boosts her following

1. HH Sheik Mohamed – 3.57m

2. Queen Rania of Jordan – 3.52m

3. King Salman – 1.12m

They also elicit a lot of responses from their respective audiences although part of the reasons they get more responses is likely due to the fact that they have a lot of followers.

owner activity

King Salman’s mentions in particular are likely to have risen this month due to the former Saudi King’s recent death.

@QueenRania – Queen of Jordan

Strong personal flavour to her tweets, in a mixture of Arabic and English English. Topics include death of Saudi King, Charlie Hebdo shootings, reasons to visit Jordan. Also condemns attacks by Islamic extremists.

@KingSalman – New King of Saudi Arabia

A more controlled feed, with messages posted following King Abdullah’s death. Also many photos of King Salman at diplomatic meetings/state occasions. Tweets in Arabic.

@ HHShkMohd – Prime Minister of UAE

As both Head of State and a Monarch, a relatively personal twitter feed for a ruler. Uses personal pronouns. Posts include New Year’s messages, UAE aid for Storm Huda, explains and promotes various aspects of the UAE.


@CasaReal – Spanish Royal Family

Pictures of royal family at official events, excerpts from the Christmas Speech, charitable work. Interestingly every tweet comes with a photo.

@CrownPrincessMM – Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway

Again quite personal, very strong focus on charity projects such as UNAIDS work. Mainly in Norwegian and English. Also a fair number of retweets on topics she seems to want to raise awareness about e.g. climate change. Also some personal photos taken at events

@MonarchieBe – Belgian Royal Family

Most tweets include photos and all are written in French and Flemish. Generally focus is on official visits and meetings.