Pharma goes Social: 6 essentials to successful social media analytics

Pharma goes Social: 6 essentials to successful social media analytics

Have you ever been sick and googled your symptoms? Then you are not alone. The rise of patient forums, blogs and social networks has changed the relationship between doctors and patients. Patients can easily research information about their diseases, and share their findings with others. With them becoming more and more informed about diseases and medications, the pharmaceutical industry needs to adapt its communication and marketing strategy accordingly. Social Listening and analytics can help them to do just that. Here are some of the essential steps pharma companies should take for successful social listening:

1. Focus on the disease, not the brand

While monitoring a company or product name is standard procedure for many, the benefits of monitoring the overall conversation about a disease should not be forgotten. The broader conversation about diseases, medications or treatments can contain valuable information not only about these topics, but also about others that have a strong influence on patients’ lives.

2. Target your monitoring by creating listening panels for different topics and channels

Considering the volume of buzz for some diseases, it can be hard to keep track of all mentions. The solution is to create individual listening panels for important topics or different channels. These individual panels enable users to focus on the topics that are most relevant to them without losing sight of the overall conversation.

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3. Manage your online reputation

Being aware of critical conversations gives pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to react to them immediately. By proactively engaging with these topics and answering questions, pharmaceutical companies can show that they care about customers, take their concerns seriously and appreciate the feedback they receive.

These are just some steps pharma companies should implement when taking up social media monitoring and analytics. Using Parkinson’s disease as an example for the different topics and channels of the conversation, we created a guide on the 6 essential steps to successful social media monitoring for pharmaceutical brands. Check the full guide with all essentials and more details on how social listening benefits the pharmaceutical industry here!

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