#Trump - What we Learned from a Year's Worth of Trump Tweets

#Trump - What we Learned from a Year's Worth of Trump Tweets

It's been a year since Donald Trump won the 2016 US election and I think we can all agree, it's been quite the ride. And if there's one thing that's transfixed the world, it's the President's tweets. 

On every topic, at all times of day, we get a glimpse into what the President is thinking on a daily basis.

But what exactly has he been tweeting about? We collected all of Donald Trump's tweets from the last year using our social listening platform to find out.


We all know the President is a prolific tweeter but exactly how much does he tweet?

6 x per day

98k likes/retweets per post

What is he talking about?!

The President tweets on a pretty wide variety of topics but a few key themes stand out. The top words and phrases used by Trump are country, election and Make America Great. #MAGA and #FakeNews are among the top hashtags:

Trump hsahtags

Trump isn't such a big user of emojis but there is one that he uses, a LOT. No prizes for guessing.

Trump emojis

And the people he mentioned most probably aren't at the top of his Christmas card list...

1. Barack Obama (54 times)

2. Hillary Clinton (53 times)

3. James Comey (26 times)

When I wake up in the morning...

It's well documented that Trump considers himself a bit of a morning person but here is the incontrovertible proof - Trump is most active on Twitter between 6am and 9am ET.

trump owner activity

The tweets that rocked the world

Everything that the President tweets gets a pretty massive reaction, just watch this recent tweet about his Twitter account getting taken down spreading across the world.

Tweets rocked world

But some have really caused a Twitter meltdown. Here are the top 5 in reverse order:






Tweet Fatigue?

You'd think after a full year of tweeting, Trump's audience would understandably start to suffer from a bit of tweet fatigue and while there was a bit of a lull in terms of engagement following Trump's inauguration, events like the #TakeAKnee protests have jacked up his engagement levels to 11 once more:

Tweet fatigue

Trump, a follower of social media trends

I think few would accuse President Trump of being a follower of social media best practices but in one sense he does seem to be experimenting with new content. The proportion of videos he posts on Twitter has increased over the last 6 months:

Trump tweet content

And I'll leave you with this

Perhaps my personal favorite of all Trump's tweets since he won the election is one that, sadly, is no longer with us.

Tweet negative press

The dictionary defying covfefe tweet has alas been consigned to the trash of social media history.

So that's my quick round up of Trump on Twitter and if you want to take a look at what the world has been saying about Trump recently, why not try out our free social search.

If you're a journalist looking for more information about Trump's twitter activity, email r.sunley (at) for more information.

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Header Image: Flickr - Gage Skidmore