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Plan your 2021 marketing & social strategy with 6 must-haves

Plan your 2021 marketing & social strategy with 6 must-haves

Sharpen your skill-set as a marketer with the best digital marketing resources in the industry. I’ve created a library, stuffed to the rafters with expert opinions, free templates, tips and tricks, checklists, eBooks, and more. Review 2020. Master 2021. Be action-ready for the oncoming digital storm with a targeted marketing and social strategy.


Click once - above - for my essential marketing and social strategy bundle, or just grab the ones you want, below.

It's a collection of essential marketing reads covering everything from last year's social media trends to those on the horizon for 2020. Identifying your brand purpose. Choosing the best marketing tools. Measuring the ROI of your sponsorship campaigns.

There are social reporting and hashtag tracking templates, simulated competitor analysis reports, and brand share of voice (SOV) reports. You’ll see the best social listening tools in action, and real-life reporting.

What’s the takeaway?

It's a biggie... be fully equipped to smash your marketing and social strategy goals.

  • The competition won’t know what's hit them, as your brand snatches the competitive edge out of their sweaty hands
  • "Hear me roar!" In your industry, your share of voice (SOV) will bellow like thunder
  • You’ll knock influencer marketing out of the park
  • Witness your marketing and social strategy campaigns being hailed as industry benchmarks


Enough already! Let’s get going…

Free eBook - Digital marketing strategy guide

Free eBook - Digital marketing strategy guide

Marketing and social strategy bundle - Digital marketing strategy guide.

When your boss asks the following questions...

Last year’s marketing campaigns, what were the results? What do you have planned for next year?

What will you say?

“Pretty good. Pretty much the same.”

That won’t get you a payrise.

39% of businesses say their marketing strategies are effective.
Just 39%.
Meaning 61% have no clue!

What about you? Do you have a clue?

You need to be able to highlight your successful marketing and social campaigns, and show how they worked - I’m talking analysis and stats...

  • Admit what didn’t work, explain why, and how you'll improve
  • Show what your competitors are doing
  • Prove your audience demographic is still relevant or update
  • Justify and demonstrate next year’s campaigns

This eBook will show you how to plan, execute, measure, and analyze your past, present, and future campaigns. It includes reporting templates, tools, checklists, and real-life examples. SWOT and TOWS analysis, brainstorming best practices, identifying your SMART goals, and tracking your share of voice.


The perfect marketing tech stack

Perfect marketing stack - report

Marketing and social strategy bundle - The perfect marketing tech stack.

7000+ marketing technology tools to choose from! How do you plan to find the ones that’ll work for you, your brand, and your team?

Get your martech stack right, and your marketing team will run like a well-oiled machine.

Get it wrong, and we're talking Tin Man clunking along the yellow brick road!

The right tools will automate repetitive tasks, help you connect with your customers, drive sales and customer retention. The right tools will help you listen and analyze online conversatioms. The right tools will help you manage your blog and editorial calendar.

Potentially, you're looking at a lot of tools. Which is why, choosing the most effective and efficient, is crucial.

This report will explain...

  • The marketing tools you’ll need to streamline your processes
  • How to ask the right questions and choose a vendor
  • How to choose the best marketing tools for the best martech stack


Influencer marketing - 7 deadly wins

Influencer marketing 7 deadly wins - marketing and social strategy

Marketing and social strategy bundle - Influencer marketing strategy guide.

Influencer marketing drives 11x more ROI than traditional digital marketing channels.
With an average $6.85 ROI for every dollar spent.
That’s why 94% of marketers do it.

Influencer marketing delivers 11x higher ROI than traditional forms of marketing. But, only 69% of marketers consider influencer marketing a priority. ONLY 69%! C’mon guys... milk this cash cow.

Checkout this influencer marketing checklist to find the big wins…

  • Influencers are trusted over brands
  • Boosts brand awareness and brings authenticity to your brand
  • Targets your market more effectively
  • Maximizes effectiveness and ROI of social media marketing


Campaign playbook - how to drive engagement

Campaign playbook - how to drive engagement

Campaign playbook - turn up your brand engagement.

We're all talking about engagement. What is it? Why is it important? How do I increase?

This updated campaign playbook analyzes how to improve key components of your marketing - content resonance, influencer marketing, consumer insights, trendspotting. With Quick Search as our go-to tool, we’ve looked at how global brands created marketing
campaigns with winning results. And, some that fell flat on their face. Brands include:

  • Louis Vuitton - using UGC to boost social performance
  • Starbucks - jumping on viral trends
  • Google - competitive monitoring to inspire product dev
  • Lionsgate - social media as a crystal ball


Top brands rocking brand purpose

Top brands rocking brand purpose

Marketing and social strategy bundle - Rock brand purpose.

Is your brand purpose-driven? It’s a big ask. Miss the mark, and your brand becomes a pariah. Get it right, and your brand’s saluted as a hero.

One of the social media trends for last year, was the impact Generation Z is having on marketing. It’s a generation of individuals who value a brand that’s prepared to fight a cause.

You have to do it with your eyes open. Your brand has to demonstrate integrity. It must be genuine. Take a look at the brands that rocked, and the brands that were mocked.

  • The brand values promoted by Lush resonate with its consumers, meaning the brand can rely on organic sharing and content marketing to spread its message.
  • Big OOPS for Starbucks! What was its fatal mistake?
  • Cards Against Humanity = brand with high moral values. What the…?!!


Free Book - Cashing in on social media trends!

Free eBook - Cashing in on social media trends

Marketing and social strategy bundle - Cashing in on social media trends.

Social media is in flux. We know it’s vital to our marketing strategies, but how can we keep up with the constant changes, the new trends that appear every year?

I feel your pain. I’m here to help.

Every year, Talkwalker hunts down experts and asks them to polish their crystal balls. We want to know what their predictions are for social media trends 2020. The trends that’ll shape how to create a successful social strategy. How we can exploit them, and win.

Experts this year include Christopher S. Penn, Gini Dietrich, Lilach Bullock, Neal Schaffer, Christina Garnett, Sam Hurley, Harry Hugo, and oodles of others. The trends? Here’s a taster - TikTok taking over the world, harnessing the power of data privacy, AR & VR hitting the heights, falling in love with AI, user-generated content saves the day...

This eBook - Cashing in on social media trends - was created around last year's trends. But, as you'll see, it's still highly relevant. So I'm sharing it again. Bite me! You'll learn how to cash in on social media trends for now and years to come. How to join in and become part of a trend.



Six social strategy resources that you can explore as a social media manager to sharpen your skill-set and manage your marketing campaigns more effectively.

Great for newbies and experienced social media superstars. Expand your knowledge and that of your team.

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