Unpacking the secrets of the world's most loved brands

Unpacking the secrets of the world's most loved brands

We joined forces with marketing experts from all over the world to unpack the findings from our latest report, the Brand Love Story 2020, which revealed the 50 most loved brands on social media. This is your one-stop-shop with all the key takeaways.

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Whether you were unable to catch the live webinars or you’re simply looking for a refresh, this blog post’s got you covered with the key insights and links to the webinar playbacks.

If you would like the full context behind our Love Brand week and the Brand Love Story 2020 report that we unpacked in our various webinars, scroll down and keep reading. Or jump straight to the Love Brand webinar recaps and replay links.

The Brand Love Story 2020

To gather the data for our inaugural Brand Love Story report, we analyzed 780+ brands from all over the world to identify the 50 most loved brands on social media globally and the top 10 per region.

The brands we analyzed covered virtually every industry and were informed by renowned industry listings as well as our own regional marketing expertise.

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The data was gathered from the following time period: 01/07/19 to 31/12/19.

How we measured brand love

It wasn’t as simple as looking at the total number of mentions online or ranking by sentiment.

Using our powerful proprietary technology, Talkwalker Analytics, we measured some key criteria surrounding the brands’ online presence including:

  • Consumer engagement rate on social media

  • Consumer sentiment on social media

  • Percentage of mentions that were categorized as related to ‘joy’

  • Percentage of mentions that contained love-related keywords across languages

  • Consumer sentiment in the news

  • Consumer engagement rate in the news

These metrics shaped the framework that allowed us to arrive at a final score for each brand and rank them accordingly.

The most loved brands included Lego, Four Seasons Hotels, Etihad Airways, and Huda Beauty.

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Janet Machuka, Marketing Director at Sparks Corporates and Founder #AfricaTweetChat

Love Brand Week 2020: webinar highlights

To help you keep up with all the webinars we put together around our Love Brand Story 2020 report, just browse the list below based on your topic and/or language of choice to take you to the webinar key takeaways and playback link.

From Like to Love - The world’s most loved brands & how to become one

We kicked off our Love Brand Week with an epic webinar featuring a guest speaker from Twitter, Greg Maxson. Together we discussed key reasons for building brand love and key methods to help brands get a spot on the world’s most loved brands list!

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Key highlights

  • When brands build love, they also develop customer loyalty to products and services. This makes people buy long-term and become ambassadors for your products.

  • Brand love can be generated in countless ways, but establishing emotional connection with customers (and the public) is essential for success.

  • Brands should provide content on social media that includes (think of the breadth of your target audience), incentivizes (offers, digital giveaways, discounts, promotional codes), and engages (make that extra effort to connect with your audience).

  • Examine which love-building strategies are currently the most effective for your business. Double down on them and put more resources behind them.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment! Creativity and innovation drive the campaigns that make the most impact.

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Leveraging data to stay relevant & well loved in the face of crisis

Publicis Groupe data analysis webinar

How can your brand sustain itself and remain loved by consumers despite the current crisis?

A question that has been on all of our minds lately!

Together with Publicis Groupe, we unpacked that question to help businesses drive brand love and explore how they can use social data to reposition themselves for the new normal.

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Munas Van Boonstra Publicis Groupe brand trust

Key highlights

  • To establish a communication strategy that is relevant to the current times, it is important for businesses to keep an eye on what’s happening around them.

  • Have a good understanding of customers’ needs, as these needs are bound to evolve with time.

  • To cultivate brand love, keep your consumers involved at every touchpoint in the consumer journey.

  • Take the time to identify issues faced by your consumers, and look for innovative ways to address them.

  • When implementing new strategies, always remember to measure the effectiveness of your efforts, analyze the results, adjust your methods accordingly, and then re-apply them.

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Munas Van Boonstra Publicis Groupe content marketing and data

Influencer Marketing and Brand Love during COVID-19

Another question that’s been on our minds lately is, what does the current climate mean for influencer marketing? Is it going to come to an end or are influencers actually more important than ever today to continue building brand love in challenging times?

We explored this hot topic with our guest speaker Arushi Gupta who heads India’s first influencer marketing agency,

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Arushi Gupta influencer marketing 1

Key highlights

  • Adapting your marketing strategy to the current situation is crucial. This is not about a mere pivot, it’s a nuanced process that should factor in many variables.

  • Strategies should be oriented towards online media and channels rather than offline - Nielsen shows that there is a huge increase in usage of social media platforms in India, particularly in mini-metros. This also means an increased focus on vernacular languages and regional content.

  • There are many brands out there who have amplified their influencer marketing efforts lately- interesting case studies from TataCliq, Rummy Culture, Warner Bros., and more.

  • What’s next? The future of influencer marketing and how well influencers have adapted to the current situation.

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Arushi Gupta influencer marketing 2

Leveraging influencer marketing to create brand love

We also approached the ever-so-hot topic of influencer marketing from a different angle in a webinar featuring the Founder and Managing Director of digital marketing and social media consultancy, CEEK Marketing.

Charlie Terry CEEK Marketing Influencer Marketing

In this webinar, we focused on the curious case of the hospitality sector. Normally, hospitality brands are a match made in heaven for influencer marketing, thanks to the aspirational marketing appeal and the various niches it lends itself to - from lifestyle and luxury, to food, family, and wellness. Today, they have been hit the hardest with the impact of COVID-19. The good news is there are various ways brands can use influencer marketing despite the challenging climate and there’s tons of lessons for non-hospitality brands to learn too!

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Key highlights

  • Times are changing, and the way that brands are going to be using influencer marketing going forward must be more considered.

  • When planning an influencer marketing strategy consider the value of the influencer beyond the initial engagement. If they’re producing evergreen content for you, their value will extend beyond the initial campaign.

  • Where hospitality brands have advantages over other brands is that they naturally create emotive and emotional experiences - first dates, honeymoons, birthdays, etc. Non-hospitality brands should work on creating their own emotive moments to showcase their products. Our webinar highlighted fascinating examples from Radisson Blu and Coppa Club.

  • Focus on the quality of the content, rather than the reach of the influencer. Especially with platforms like TikTok, where there is no real correlation between the number of followers and the number of people seeing the content. Quality is what makes content stand out.

Charlie Terry CEEK Marketing Influencer Marketing 2

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El Poder detrás del amor a las marcas

In this Spanish-language panel, we explored the power behind brand love and what you can do to generate it with our guest speakers from Interband and Bimbo.

Watch the webinar recording in Spanish

Key highlights

  • Understanding the true meaning of brand love. In a nutshell, it’s that emotional link that you feel toward a brand. You don't identify with "what they say" but with "what they do."

  • The importance of consistency. Yes, consumers expect more of brands during a crisis, however, we don't have to wait for a crisis to happen to build brand love.

  • Building brand love is a long-term and sensitive process. It does not happen overnight but, unfortunately, it can be undone in just a few seconds if a brand falters on social media.

  • So how do you avoid putting your brand in that situation? Define your purpose! This is more relevant today than ever before as millennials and Gen Z demand more actions from brands. Regardless of the size of your brand, you need to have a clear purpose that is defined from the very beginning.

Watch the full webinar in Spanish


It’s important to look ahead and future-proof marketing strategies. That’s why we explored how to continue building brand love after COVID-19, in this Japanese language webinar with our guest from 65dB Tokyo.

Real-time social listening can empower brands to understand the fast-changing consumer sentiment and find the information they need at the right time.

Watch the webinar recording in Japanese

Key highlights

  • Times have changed. There’s no two ways about it. This webinar explored the resulting change in consumer behavior.

  • Interesting case studies of Japanese brands who optimized their campaigns based on trending topics during COVID-19, such as food waste.

  • Key tips on how to adjust marketing strategies to maximize the value of real-time consumer insights and to ensure brands are using the right social media channel to share their brand announcements.

Watch the full webinar in Japanese

Comment Yves Rocher et Orange sont devenues les marques préférées des Français

In this exciting webinar, we were joined by guest experts from Yves Rocher and Orange, to share common best practices between the most loved French brands that were revealed in our Brand Love Story 2020 report.

Watch the webinar recording in French

Key highlights

  • Introduction to the tactics used by 10 well-loved French brands.

  • Spotlight on the winning corporate strategies of Yves Rocher and Orange directly from the brands! Yves Rocher shared their emphasis on historical values while Orange highlighted their commitment to social responsibility.

  • Success means nothing without KPIs! We delved deep into some of the top KPIs used by Yves Rocher and Orange to monitor their brand performance during the crisis, including: content strategy, employee advocacy, share of voice, and engagement.

Watch the full webinar in French

German Love Brands 2020 - Mercedes, Nivea, Sennheiser

How did brands like Mercedes, Nivea, and Sennheiser become so well-loved in Germany? We were joined by Social Media Expert and Author Katja Kukpa to answer that question and to share our expertise on measuring brand love using social analytics.

Watch the webinar recording in German

Key highlights

  • Reveal of the top 10 most loved brands in Germany and the marketing methods they used to earn their spot on the list!

  • Discussion of ways to strategically develop loved brands using social media marketing.

  • Spotlight on the role your own social media communities can play in this.

  • Expert advice on how to use influencers to boost brand popularity.

  • Interesting exploration of using employee advocacy to strengthen brand image.

Watch the full webinar in German

As you have seen, brand love cuts across cultures, languages, and sectors. It makes a huge difference to the health of a brand and its resilience in the face of a crisis.

It’s not too late to build brand love or to capitalize on existing positive sentiment in strategic ways. Check out our Brand Love Story 2020 report for the 11 methods the world’s most popular brands use and get inspired!

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