Marvel vs. DC Comics: The Legendary Social Media Battle

Marvel vs. DC Comics: The Legendary Social Media Battle

A friendly rivalry between Marvel and DC Comics has spawned since the 1930s, originating from comic books and then flourishing onto the big screens and video games. With more than 20 movie adaptations planned in the next 4 years, superhero movies are bound to break box office numbers, and social media records. While we must reckon that comparing Marvel and DC worlds is like comparing Coca-Cola and Pepsi - it's a matter of taste - we can however determine who is catching the attention on the social web this summer in regards to figures and stats.

Using Talkwalker’s social media analytics platform, let’s see who wins each round in terms of social media trends, share of voice, hashtag analysis, sentiment, and engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

Round 1: When you say “comic book” or “comics”, people think of… Marvel

Interestingly, among 1.3 million results collected over the past 30 days about comics, and comic books, the top themes were “Marvel”, “Marvel Comics” and “#MARVEL”, an indication of the social interest in comparison with “Batman” or “Superman”, both DC Comics superheroes who only come next.

Marvel 1-0 DC top themes

Round 2: The brands’ share of voice

Looking at volumes of mentions for the brand names give us an insight into who triggers the most mentions online. Using combinations of “Marvel Comics/Universe/Entertainment” and “DC Comics/Universe/Entertainment”, the latter gets slightly less mentions with 46.2% of about 295,500 total ment