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Best Marketing Virtual Events and Webinars This Year

Best Marketing Virtual Events and Webinars This Year

Virtual marketing events are so hot right now. Were you excited for a calendar chock-full of exciting physical events, with expert speakers, perhaps in exotic locales? The novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted all those plans, but you can still get all those same benefits out of these conferences, now in a virtual format. All you need to do is sign up, and adjust your Zoom background. 


Some virtual events cost money, but many are waiving fees. This is a great way to learn a new skill or get your foot in the door somewhere you’re passionate about, without a big financial outlay. Take full advantage of these silver linings. That being said you will see that these events are front-loaded to May & June, we can all hope to meet in-person this fall, though let’s see if that’s a possibility. In the webinar section you will also find, truthfully, too many webinars to attend each week. You’ll have to be selective if you’re going to get anything done at your actual job.

Content Marketing Virtual Conference

Dates: April 27-29

Why it’s great: The Content Marketing Conference is in a virtual format that delivers content marketers everything they need to go out and convert and win new customers. From copywriting tips to producing outstanding videos with no budget, it’s all covered here.

Cost to attend: FREE!

Social Media Week ONE

Dates: May 5 - 28 2020

Why it’s great: #SMWOne promises to provide all the top speakers and strategic insights that social media professionals count on to be delivered at Social Media Week in a month-long virtual conference format, for the first time ever. Dedicated Slack channels should make connecting with attendees easier than ever, and one-on-one meetings can happen at any time instead of the normal 72 hours attendees would otherwise have together.

Cost to attend: $499

Content Marketing Institute's recurring webinars

Dates: Ongoing

Why it’s great: The Content Marketing Institute has had a roster of webinars going since long before virtual events became the norm. Their experience in the format, and with the content, shows. New webinars are announced regularly, find the time to attend one for yourself.

Cost to attend: FREE!

Seller's Summit

What you’ll get: The Sellers Summit has created a virtual event to replace their regularly scheduled conference. The physical event has been postponed, but for $349 attendees can join the virtual event which includes recordings of all the sessions, live Q&A, and an opening party amongst other things. Prospective rockstar salespeople have a lot to look forward to at this conference.

Cost to attend: $349 (early bird pricing)

Dates: May 6-8

Conductor's C3

Why it’s great: Conductor’s C3 annual conference is the destination for search-minded professionals, as well as those who could benefit from their expertise. This year’s virtual conference looks to provide the same speaker roster of who’s who in the search world, digitally.

Cost to attend:

Dates: May 12th

PR Daily's Media Relations and Measurement Summit

Why it’s great: The intersection of measurement and PR is something that’s been haunting communicators for years. Just how much value did that earned media drive? Find out the answer at this measurement focused virtual summit over the course of two days.

Cost to attend: $295

Dates: May 14-15

Confab's Content Strategy Virtual Conference

Why it’s great: The Content Strategy Virtual Conference has a goal to make content more useful and usable. With that in mind, sessions focus on things like storytelling, UX, accessibility and structure.

Cost to attend: $995

Dates: May 18-20


Midwest Digital Marketing Virtual Conference

Why it’s great: The MDMC is a great way to make connections across the region in normal times. Now that the live virtual event is free, and recordings cost only $99, there’s no better time to attend and network with industry colleagues from across the Midwest.

Cost to attend: Free! ($99 gets you a recording of all of the sessions, as well as access to speakers during a Q&A session.)

Dates: May 20-21

Digital Growth Unleashed

Why it’s great: Sessions focus on things you know to be true, without knowing why they are or how to apply that to your business. Session titles like “Audience Engagement: It’s not rocket science, it’s neuroscience” and “write killer content like a journalist” show you just how to turn your B+ effort into a top mark.

Cost to attend: From $590

Dates: June 1-3

Email Innovations Virtual Summit

What you’ll get: This niche virtual conference for email pros covers everything from content best practices to typography choices, as well as a look at the email industry as a whole and where it’s going.

Cost to attend: From $590

Dates: June 1-3

Social Fresh X

Why it's great: The team behind the excellent Social Fresh has the same great content in a virtual format this year. Featuring some of the biggest and some of the most exciting brands in the world, this virtual event is a can't-miss for any serious marketer.

Cost to attend: $25-$999

Dates: June 3-5

Social Media Strategies Virtual Summit

Why it’s great: This four day event runs the gamut of social media topics from content to analysis, how to activate fans, customers and employees, pour gasoline on your engagement rate, or plan for the next crisis. There’s so much to learn here, and it all takes place on Pacific time, meaning the days start at lunch and end before five if you’re East Coast based. That’s the kind of accessibility we all need in lockdown.

Cost to attend: from $395

Dates: June 9-12

Influencer Marketing Summit

Why it’s great: This influencer marketing focused virtual conference includes sessions with speakers from Twitter, Microsoft and Nickelodeon. This event looks unique in that it goes both broad and niche - from overall social media strategies to influencer specific sessions, there’s something for everyone. I’m particularly interested in the session called How To Turn Your Customers into a Content Creating Army. Emoji charts everywhere, for everyone!

Cost to attend: From $395

Dates: June 9-12

Brand Safety Virtual Summit

Why it’s great: Who can ignore brand safety these days? This virtual summit brings together over 250 media executives, technologists, buyers and sellers for a full day of strategy and thought leadership on how to approach brand safety from every angle: the news, social media, video content (those hidden mentions in video can be brutal), technology, OTT and consumer experience.

Cost to attend: $65

Date: June 16


Etail Virtual Event

Why it’s great: This e-commerce virtual event will give you everything you need if the current pandemic has forced your business to pivot, and you’re struggling. With sessions about COVID-19’s impact on the supply chain, to how to convert a customer for life, every aspect of the future of e-tail is covered here, with insights from executives from Naked Wines and mobile phone providers amongst the speakers.

Cost to attend: FREE!

Date: June 22

Activate Live - Virtual Growth Marketing Conference

Why it’s great: This virtual conference will supercharge your growth marketing with insights from the people who’ve built massive customer bases through impressive email marketing at The Points Guy, voice search mastery for Storage Mart or other ingenious marketing hacks.

Cost to attend: FREE!

Date: June 24

B2B Connect

Why it’s great: With speakers from Google, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and GE Healthcare this B2B focused virtual summit is one to watch. Although focused on the UK market the learnings are sure to be transatlantic.

Cost to attend: Invite only

Dates: July 27 - 28th


Why it’s great: This series of virtual events for the retail industry is a great way to make connections and gain insights in advance of the physical conference tentatively to be held this September in Las Vegas.

Cost to attend: From $2200 although several avenues to qualify for a free ticket also exist.

Dates: ongoing, conference held September 14-17 2020

Brand Manage Camp

What you’ll get: A boot camp for brand managers, in mid-September in Las Vegas? Count me in. This conference includes speaking sessions by several friends of Talkwalker including Jay Baer, and David Meerman Scott and has everything you need to come away a smarter brand manager who delivers for your loyal audience.

Cost to attend: From $1895

Dates: September 15-16 but fully streamed online as well.

Conquer Local

What you’ll get: This free virtual event shows marketers, strategists and sales professionals how to help their local small business clients through better understanding of the importance of local marketing. Everything from local SEO and places to generating word-of-mouth sales in your community is covered in this free to stream virtual event originally scheduled in Montreal.

Cost to attend: Free!

Dates: September 16, 2020


AMA Digital Marketing Conference

Why it’s great: The American Marketing Association puts on one of the industry’s best conferences every year in Orlando, and this year the event will be held virtually for the first time. Featuring speakers from IBM Watson as well as Jay Baer, this event will surely compare favorably with its physical counterpart.

Dates: Oct 1-2

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