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1 Minute Insight: Data is Top of the Agenda for Digital Transformation

1 Minute Insight: Data is Top of the Agenda for Digital Transformation

The concept of using technology to drive innovation in your business, also known as digital transformation, was one of the biggest business topics of 2015.

Our new report shows that the term generated over 400,000 mentions across social and online media, and over 13000 blogs and articles were written on this topic – with a significant increase towards the end of the year.

Mentions of the term digital transformation in 2015

The number of articles and blogs pertaining specifically to “digital transformation” increased significantly over the course of 2015

Whilst the management of digital transformation was generating the most attention in the first half of 2015, discussions concerning data and cloud services have become more prominent towards the end of the year, as the following charts show.

top themes digital trans comp

The prevalence of “digital transformation” discussions linked to “data” and the “cloud” increased significantly in the second half of 2015

Identifying and tracking the top themes for a particular industry or topic helps you to be at the front line of the discussion and work with useful background information.

Digging deeper, consultants can single out the most influential sources and authors to deliver a wealth of actionable insights for clients and prospects.

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