How Social Media Data Gives Retail Brands an Edge Over Their Competitors

    Retail brands increasingly view social media as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, as Always did memorably with their #LikeAGirl campaign. However, the applications of data from social networks go far beyond campaign measurement.

    In our latest report, we take a look at how marketing, PR and product departments in the household and personal care sectors can use social media analytics to create valuable insights in crisis management, product development, influencer marketing and more.

    Understand how a crisis spreads online to stay in control

    Johnson & Johnson recently had to deal with the fallout from a U.S. court case verdict that awarded damages to the family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer having used the brand’s baby powder. Using Talkwalker’s Virality Map, we can see how the news spread and most importantly, who was instrumental in spreading it.

    talkwalker virality map

    The Virality Map shows how the article which received the most engagement on the topic spread across social media and online (Data from Feb. 10 –March 10, 2016)

    With this information, brands can develop a more targeted crisis communication plan that helps protect their brand reputation. By keeping a careful eye on jumps in negative noise brands can receive an early warning from crisis indicators putting them in a better position to manage an incoming crisis.

    Know the needs of your customers to help you develop better products

    Mumsnet is the largest forum in the UK for discussions about babies and children. With 2 million unique visitors every month according to Alexa, Mumsnet is naturally a hotbed for discussion about baby products.

    talkwalker statistics

    Chart (left) showing top topics of discussion around Pamper and Huggies on Mumsnet forum. Excerpts of forum posts about prices (top right) and leaks (bottom right) (Data from Sep. 2015 – March 2016)

    By analyzing content data from Mumsnet forums, we can look at what drives these conversations. Are parents mostly concerned about the price of the product? Its quality? Its features?

    Understanding what customers have to say about existing products is key to improving existing products and the development of new ones. Brands can find ways to implement innovations right where their customers want them to.

    #LikeAGirl and the importance of finding the right influencers for your campaign

    In 2014, feminine products brand Always created a global phenomenon with their #LikeAGirl campaign, which sought to empower women of all ages. The campaign continues to be mentioned significantly today with over 70k mentions of the hashtag over the last 6 months – and influencers such as Emma Watson have played a vital part in the spread of the message.

    emma watson tweet

    Finding and understanding the best-matched influencers helps brands looking to launch campaigns to substantially amplify reach.

    These are just a few examples of how household and personal care brands can use social listening to generate actionable insights for different departments within the company. For more information, download our report “6 New Ways to Use Social Media Analytics for FMCG Companies”.

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