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How Rail Europe Scaled Social Media Strategy from National to Global

How Rail Europe Scaled Social Media Strategy from National to Global

Yesterday, we attended the largest online social media conference in the world – Connect via Hootsuite. Hosted by social media management specialists Hootsuite, the event was all about how companies can transform the way they connect with customers using social media.

Talkwalker was a gold sponsor of the event and we wanted to show the value of data when finding ways to improve customer engagement and joined forces with our client, Rail Europe. As one of the world’s leading rail travel experts, Rail Europe needed to find a way to manage and makes the most of the vast number of customers interactions and comments they receive on social media, blogs, forums and more.

For all those who joined us, thank you for taking part and for everyone who couldn't make it, here's a quick breakdown of our presentation or you can watch the full video replay.

Who is Rail Europe?

rail europe image

Rail Europe is a premier provider of rail tickets for Europe headquartered in the USA. They help more than one million visitors each year discover the rich heritage and scenic landscapes of Europe by train.

They handle:

  • Rail passes, train tickets, sightseeing tours.
  • Eurail Passes, TGV, Trenitalia, Eurostar… and more!
  • Selling in local language + local currency online & through GSAs in major markets.

What was their challenge?

Scaling a national social media customer service strategy to a global level.

They needed:

- One Program: A birds-eye view of conversations, across all major markets

- Insight into conversations (blogs, blog comments, forums, print and online media)

- To identify:

  • influencers
  • brand spokespeople
  • trending topics
  • conversations that Rail Europe can become part of

rail euirope quote

What did they do?

Used social listening to analyze social and online conversations about their brand and travel related topics on an international scale.

This included:

  • Reacting to customer feedback in real-time
  • Using social insights to get a better understanding of customers needs in each market
  • Discovering new travel industry discussions to become a part of and developing their voice as a trusted source of knowledge
  • Identifying new influencers and brand advocates to help them spread their message to wider audience
  • Developing social KPIs based on metrics to improve reporting processes and compare performance to competitors

rail europe data dashboard

Customized data dashboard created by Rail Europe to analyze social and online discussions

What was the result?

Successfully scaled social customer service efforts across multiple markets and gained in-depth knowledge of their customers.

They managed to:

  • Provide global customer service with a local feel across multiple markets
  • Understand and act on changes in their online reputation in multiple languages
  • Build stronger relationships with key industry figures and find new ideas for marketing campaigns
  • Benchmark performance against competitors

rail europe influencer

Example of a travel influencer of interest for Rail Europe

What’s next?

Refine customer engagement processes and spread the value of social intelligence to other departments.

They want to:

  • Use social insights across multiple departments to refine product offerings and marketing campaigns
  • Improve the way they reach out to customers using integrated social listening and social media management
  • Incorporate image recognition technology to get an even more complete view of what their customers and prospects are looking for

To see how your company can start incorporating social insights into a successful customer service strategy, get in touch with Talkwalker today.

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