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Holiday marketing reading

Holiday marketing reading

Relax. Smear on the SPF 50. Guzzle your cocktail. Check out my ultimate holiday marketing reading list. Lose yourself in marketing insights. Absorb lots of thinky stuff. Collect your cool freebies. Look out for the elephant…


The magnificent seven - once you've read them... you'll never forget them. Your holiday marketing reading bundle includes four brand marketing reports and three interactive templates. Click once - above - and download the bundle, or just take the ones you’re interested in, below.

My holiday marketing reading list is thought-provoking, whimsical, engaging, educational, motivating. There are insights from 1000+ Marketing and PR experts, big brands doing it wrong, big brands doing it right, tips, tricks, time-saving and brand boosting marketing essentials, and an elephant...

Return to your office with a sun tan, sand in your socks, and a trunk full of ideas to inspire your team and boost brand performance.

Dive in…

Free eBook | Sink or swim - create a social media strategy

Let’s talk about the elephant in the…

Marketing reads - social media strategy

Free eBook - How to create a social media strategy.

Launching a new strategy or rescuing one that’s floundering - plunge into our Social Media Strategy eBook, and create a personalized social strategy for your brand. A strategy that will make your social media performance rock.

In 5 steps, you’ll learn…

  • How to report on past digital marketing campaigns
  • The 9 biggest problems marketers face
  • The metrics to measure to define success
  • How to develop your content strategy
  • Promote, measure, protect - content, customers, prospects, reputation

Pack your trunk and head for Successville!

Report | Finding hidden brand mentions

Short-sighted brands struggle to see clearly...

Marketing reads - Finding hidden brand mentions

Free report - Finding hidden brand mentions.

Are you finding all mentions of your brand?

100% sure?

Upto 50% of your brand mentions are in images or videos. Finding those?

Thought not...

Our report looks at 5 global brands. Revealing the worrying amount of mentions that they’re missing. It’s scary.

Take a look at these examples...

  • Proving the value of sponsorship has always been a horrific experience. Discover how Coca-Cola missed visual mentions that if detected, would have demonstrated a better ROI than reported results.

  • Pepsi - also losing brand mentions - missed content that had the potential to go viral. Which is what we’re all striving for, right? Unless… it’s your brand being unfavorably compared with a competitor. Failing to detect negative content, means the fizzy pop brand didn’t implement its PR crisis management plan.

Want to learn about an awesome tool that will find 100% of your brand mentions - text, images, video?

Look and learn…

Report | The state of social intelligence

Human behavior under the microscope...

Marketing reads - The state of social intelligence

Free report - The state of social intelligence.

First up, what’s social intelligence?

“Unstructured data - harvested from blogs, forums, reviews, and social media. A rich source for studying human interaction and behavior.”
Nico-Alexander Jahn | EVP Social Intelligence | Publicis Groupe

The trick is, making sense of this data, and knowing how to action the insights in your business decisions.

With consumers having moved in droves towards the digital age, the amount of unstructured data available for analysis, is phenomenal. Yet this data offers unrivalled and unique insight into consumer behavior. It can’t be ignored.

Social intelligence is the means to quantifying this data and finding the hidden meaning behind online conversations and behavior.

Talkwalker partnered with The Social Intelligence Lab to face this challenge. Creating a study that confronts and solves the pain points faced by marketers from every industry.

204 social data analysis professionals shared their successes and their failures. With 52% of contributors claiming to have no knowledge of how social data is used across their organization, but 80% recognizing that social data provides unique insights…

It’s time to put your data in order.

Report | Global state of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is more than a buzzword...

Marketing reads - Global state of influencer marketing

Free report - Global state of influencer marketing.

94% of marketers use influencer marketing because it drives 11x more ROI than traditional marketing channels.

It works. It works big!

Are you using influencer marketing? Looking for ways to boost your results?

Curious to learn more about how businesses are using influencer marketing, we loaded up a survey with questions, including…

  • How do you determine whether an influencer fits your brand?
  • How many influencers does it take to change a lightbulb? Joking… should a brand work with?
  • How much budget should you invest in your influencer marketing campaigns?
  • Which are the best influencer marketing tools to use?

Over 800 marketing and PR professionals responded. Take a look at the results, along with insights determined with our social listening tool, and learn how to better collaborate with influencers and measure the results of your campaigns.

Looking for 11x more ROI? Look no further...

Marketing essential | Social media checklist

Creating, scheduling, analyzing, engaging. So much to remember, so little time...

Marketing reads - social media checklist

Free template - Social media template.

A powerful marketing tool, social media takes time and resources to run effectively. You have permission to download my free, interactive social media checklist. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly. All the tasks, without the headache…

  • Monitor brand mentions, keywords, hashtags
  • Analyze past content and schedule improved messaging
  • Review, evaluate, and determine KPIs
  • Find the best tools to manage your social media performance

Trash the pain killers. Download the social media checklist.

Marketing essential | Crisis management templates

A crisis will be a surprise. How you respond, should already be prepared...

Marketing reading - crisis management templates

Free templates - Crisis management templates.

A PR crisis doesn’t have to be a disaster. It doesn’t have to mean the slow, painful death of your brand.

Handled well, and you can win praise for how you respond, how fast you remedy the situation. Be professional, and you’ll drive vital improvements to your working methods.

I’ve created two essential crisis management templates to protect your brand. Download them. Use them.

  • Crisis communication roadmap - minimize the risks and create an effective crisis management plan
  • In case of emergency, break out the crisis plan checklist

Don’t gamble with your brand’s reputation!

Marketing essential | Content strategy templates

Be the king of the content jungle. Be a content VIP!

Marketing reads - Content strategy templates

Free templates - Content strategy templates.

You’re banging out the content - videos, blog posts, press releases, podcasts, white papers, social media, etc. What for? What’s your goal? Do you even know who you’re talking to?

26% of businesses are losing top-quality leads because they’re using a splatter gun tactic for their content strategy. To build an effective content strategy, I’ve created four templates to give you the push you need…

  • Determine your marketing team KPIs - your content goals and telling your brand story
  • Buyer persona template - how to find your ideal customer
  • Project brief template - overview of your strategy - goals, audience, roles, budget
  • Content strategy worksheet - evaluate your customers, competitors, content

Be mission-specific. Be customer-centric.


Once click and my holiday marketing reading bundle is yours - 4 brand marketing reports and 3 templates to inspire you to greater success.

Don’t forget the elephant...

Marketing reads - free digital marketing reports and templates