#GOPDebate - How It Went Down On Social Media

#GOPDebate - How It Went Down On Social Media

Yesterday saw the first round of GOP debates with the 10 of the top republican candidates for the 2016 presidency going head to head on live TV. Political debates always drive a lot of attention on social as we saw during the recent UK elections. So we broke down the social buzz around yesterday's debate by the minute using Talkwalker social media analytics and we've chosen a social GOP debate champion (Hint: It's not Trump) based on the data. You can also see real-time updates of mentions and sentiment towards the GOP candidates on this great live social media dashboard created by our partner Klipfolio based on Talkwalker data.

Trump Dominates But Interest Fades Towards The End

GOP spike analysis

(Spikes in social conversation were all caused by comments from Donald Trump)

The chart above shows the spikes in social conversation during the debate and it's clear to see that Trump is the cause of the most social attention. His spat at the beginning with host Megyn Kelly was actually the high point of social discussions with Trump's response to Kelly's question about Trump's past comments about women driving social commentary.