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Need to track a campaign or a hashtag quickly? Free Social Search has got you covered

Need to track a campaign or a hashtag quickly? Free Social Search has got you covered

Free social media analytics tools on the internet are nice in theory, but we find they often can’t keep their lofty promises.

Either they give you a limited number of searches and you end up wasting time creating one dummy account after another, or you break out in a cold sweat when your boss or client questions your data quality.

No more.

Talkwalker’s Free Social Search helps you measure the impact of any hashtag, campaign, brand or event across all major social media and online channels. Our data is the best in the business, and we’ll throw in unlimited searches for you, completely free.

Don’t take our word for it, try it below! Creating an account and getting results takes less than a minute.

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Who can benefit from Free Social Search?

Free Social Search is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to find out more about their online impact, particularly marketers, PR professionals and small business owners. Here’s just a few people who can benefit:

- The digital marketer who needs to gauge the impact of a hashtag campaign (see your use case)

- The PR/agency executive planning a pitch for a prospect (see your use case)

- The small business owner looking to get a snapshot of their presence online (see your use case)

- The corporate communications officer who needs an instant view of global brand reputation (see your use case)

Want to see Free Social Search in action?

Let’s talk details. What does Free Social Search do?

1) Hashtag Tracking: Research top hashtags to find the right fit for your content and keep an eye on competitor hashtags.

2) Campaign Tracking: See where your campaign is making an impact – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, online news, blogs or forums – and allocate your resources accordingly.

3) Event Performance: Get real-time insights about your event from the top themes of discussion to the most shared posts using your event hashtag.

4) Brand Reputation: View KPI metrics such as mentions, sentiment, engagement and reach over the last 7 days or even minute by minute.

And if you find something useful that you want to share? Post your findings directly from the Search dashboard on Facebook and Twitter.

For the digital marketer – Measure the impact of your campaign and hashtag

Here we’ve used the example of one of the big game launches of last year, “Super Mario Run”. The first view gives a quick snapshot of your campaign performance. When exactly your campaign peaked, the general sentiment and the levels of mentions, engagement and reach.

#supermariorun marketing kpis

Want to know what happened on December 16th at 18:00? Use time filters to see an exact time:

And there’s the tweet/campaign that caused the spike in activity.

Need more? See the regions where your campaign took off and the kind of discussions it inspired:

super mario run social media demographics

This campaign overview gives you all important facts to track your campaign quickly and easily.

Campaign tracking? Done!

For the PR executive – Prep your pitch to land your next client

Pitch day is approaching but do you have the latest information about your client and their activities?

Let’s take the example of IBM. What has IBM’s coverage been like over the last week – on social media and online news?

On social, the top hashtags include #IoT, #Cloud, #AI and #Watson giving an idea of the big topics in tech that people link to IBM.

ibm theme cloud

Most of this coverage is coming from the US, UK, France and China and the biggest spike in activity came on December 19th.

ibm free social search theme cloud

The most shared post? It wasn’t a news article or opinion piece but this Instagram post from The Rock:

the rock ibm instagram screenshot

In just a couple of minutes you’ve got a sense of the stories and topics surrounding IBM over the last week so you can make sure you won’t be caught off guard when it comes to the all-important pitch.

For the small business/startup owner – Is my marketing and PR having an impact?

Heard of theskimm? If you haven’t yet you probably will soon. This millennial focused newsletter already has over 4 million subscribers and was included in Business Insider’s startups to watch for 2017.

But who’s talking about them online and what kind of coverage are they receiving?

theskimm hashtag analysis

Their top hashtag is #skimmlife which they attach to their daily quotes of the day that are in tune to the lifestyle of their readers:

A closer look reveals that the online discussion over the period measured is coming more from women than men:

gender breakdown theskimm social media

And their top coverage? A nice article about the top female founder in 2016 from TechCrunch and some other on-brand mentions:

Most interest posts

With this insight into your PR and marketing performance, you can see what was successful (and what wasn’t). Good job to theskimm!

For the corporate communications officer – Get an instant view of global online reputation

CEOs and senior executives are now in the news more than ever. It’s up to you to make sure your CEO stays in the limelight for all the right reasons - but what kind of coverage is your CEO getting and which articles and posts should you be keeping an eye on?

We looked at the stats behind Tesla CEO Elon Musk to see how this could be done using Free Social Search:

elon musk topline kpis

His overall stats are fairly good. Regular mentions on social and online, but sentiment is evenly balanced which could be something to keep an eye on.

Mentions are coming from around the world and the hashtags linked to him are closely aligned with the areas Tesla are working in:

tesla musk social media cloud

The top social posts discussing Elon Musk this week are mostly focused on this remarkable video of Tesla’s autopilot brake preventing a crash before it happens:

So if Tesla’s corporate communications team want to give a positive boost to their CEO, the above video might be a good place to start!

These are just a few of the examples we’ve found but really you can look up anything you want on Free Search and be opened up to a world of data insights about the topics that matter to you.

Want to see for yourself? Click the button below, enter your brand in the search bar and get started!

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