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The Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018 - Talkwalker a Strong Performer

The Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018 - Talkwalker a Strong Performer

Big news! Leading global research and advisory firm named Talkwalker as a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018. Recognized for our “vision to create a highly technical and flexible product with broad data access, a sophisticated data engine, and advanced analytics for its Quick Search feature and core social listening platform.” First time we entered. We scored!

Our priority has always been to offer the best product on the market. We’re thrilled that entering for the first time, we’ve been recognized by the Forrester Wave™ Social Listening Report with what we believe is a strong performance. For us, it validates everything that we’re striving for - happy customers, super-powerful product, groundbreaking AI technology, and an abundance of clean and accurate data. Now, not only recognized by our customers, but also a renowned research firm such as Forrester.

The Forrester Wave™ Social Listening Report identified and evaluated 10 top social listening platforms, recognizing our platform with the highest score possible in the customer growth rate criterion and the second highest score in the current offering category. We received among the highest scores in the data quality and reporting criteria.


Riding the Forrester Wave™ Social Listening Report

Today’s marketers have a heap of choices when it comes to investing in martech. That’s great, but it takes time and resources to check out each marketing tool, software or hardware. Independent research firms are a lifesaver when it comes to finding the best vendor to work with. The Forrester Wave™ Social Listening Report is designed to help professionals reach technology purchasing decisions.

Seen by us as one of the most reputable social listening research reports on the market, with companies eager to be recognized, Forrester invited Talkwalker to participate. After thorough evaluation based on 40 criteria, we were cited as a Strong Performer.

A Strong Performer with highest score possible in customer growth rate

Say it loud, say it proud - out of 10 top social listening vendors, we're a Strong Performer with our product and we also received the highest score possible in the customer growth rate criterion.

No surprise to us - we're among the highest scores in the data quality and reporting criteria. We believe that our scores can be put down to our worldwide customers, including 1000+ brands and agencies who already acknowledge our product as the strongest on the market.

Protecting brands globally with market leading data coverage

Our data coverage is extensive - social media, print, online news, blogs, forums, broadcast, TV, radio.

Right back at you, Jacob!

If our customers are there - social, digital, traditional channels - that’s where we’re at. All crawling is done inhouse, in 187 languages.

Many of our customers have stated that it’s our globally extensive data coverage that won them over.

“Fundamentally, good social listening is about having great data coverage and in-depth analytics. Talkwalker is hands down the best platform I’ve found for both these elements. I’m able to uncover trends, discussions and insights that remain hidden when I test other providers. It’s an invaluable tool for my business and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get the best possible understanding of what’s being said online.”
Michael Berland - CEO - Berland Strategy & Analytics

AI pioneers bringing you relevant & impactful insights

Oh yes, AI is one of our pillars too.

Our proprietary image recognition technology is the first fully-integrated visual listening product of its kind on the market. Search through our database of 30,000+ logos, along with scenes and objects, to find business opportunities through visual insights.

AI powered sentiment analysis with 90% accuracy. Understanding consumers’ opinions - sarcasm too - enables brands to manage risks, find emerging trends, user-generated content, and build awesome products.

Just, wow!

Thanks, John.

Prashant, a G2 Crowd fan, also recognizes our product’s strengths. Measuring the impact of his brand over time and evaluating its performance.

“Talkwalker: a powerful social analytics tool up there with the big guns.” “...a tool that can suit all levels of analysts, and offers a range of filters, subfilters, and platform coverage…”

Leading reporting capabilities

Fully automated and customizable reporting cuts down the time you’d otherwise spend by 40%. With 360° visibility of brand health on a content performance dashboard, you can set up alerts to notify you of shifts in results. There are 30 prebuilt use cases to track your social media performance, and customized dashboards to share insights with your teams. Great looking reports with a few clicks of a button!

“What really stands out is how easy it is to use and how quickly we can create top quality monitoring reports that we can present to clients. My team of analytics experts learned how to use the platform in a matter of days and the easy reporting functions have saved the account teams, perhaps even days at a time.”
Nicole Moreo - Vice President, Global Research and Analytics, Ketchum

We’ve made an impact with your help!

We’re happy to have been recognized by Forrester. Our goal for next year? To be THE Strongest Performer. The leader. Our vision remains the same - to empower brands and agencies to optimize the impact of their communication efforts. To achieve this, we’ll continue offering our customers an easy-to-use platform that will protect, measure, and promote their brands worldwide across all communication channels.

As stated by Forrester, “Those looking to understand social media’s impact on their brands should consider Talkwalker.”

That doesn’t mean we’re sitting back with our feet up. No way! Our team of 200+ experts and 50 engineers and data scientists are working constantly. Fine-tuning our existing platform, and developing new features for our customers.

Finally, a big thank you to our customers, partners, and our brilliant team of experts for their continuous support. We wouldn’t be where we are today, without them.

To get your complimentary copy of the Forrester Wave™ report, give us a click!

The Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q3 2018 - Talkwalker a Strong Performer