Talkwalker + Facelift: What you can do with our new integration

Talkwalker + Facelift: What you can do with our new integration

We are thrilled to announce that Talkwalker is now integrated with Facelift, a world-leading social media management tool! This integration of advanced listening and engagement solutions will allow you to identify, analyze, and monopolize every customer conversation.

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“Integration with Facelift Cloud allows marketing and communication professionals to expertly categorize the social conversations that matter. It enables users of both platforms to make impactful decisions and take real-time actions,” says Robert Glaesener, Talkwalker CEO.

Be in control of your online reputation

Integration of Talkwalker & Facelift to monitor your brand reputation

Monitor your social media channels & brand mentions and engage with your community on the same platform

Analyze and optimize the key drivers of your reputation with Talkwalker and Facelift Cloud integration:

  • Understand and optimize the drivers of your reputation

  • Monitor your reputation in your different local markets and have an aggregated view at the corporate level

  • Monitor and address potential issues before they transform into a crisis with real-time listening and then react to them via Facelift Cloud

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Upcoming - Never miss a conversation

Screenshot of Talkwalker Facelift Integration

Example of the integration of Talkwalker's analytics in the Facelift social media management interface

Talkwalker provides a comprehensive 360° data coverage of online, offline and social media, and with Facelift Cloud integration you now have an opportunity to analyze, leverage and react to this data in real-time:

  • React and reply to any mention of your brand, no matter where people talk about you
  • Monitor global satisfaction regarding your activity, products, and marketing
  • Engage your community on your social media profiles as well as on your organic and your paid posts with Facelift cloud
  • Answer conversations within and outside of your social media profiles and react to relevant trends and topics. Whenever and wherever you want.

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Upcoming - Track and react to issues in real-time

Talkwalker Facelift Answer to feed

Talkwalker picks up your brand or product mention, feeds it into Facelift, and allows you to respond in real-time

Talkwalker enables you to utilize custom filters, dashboards, and automated alerts, set up an issue framework to track known and unknown issues in real-time:

● Spot early warning signs with smart alerting functions

● Build a social command center that lets you react immediately to the conversations that matter

● Stay in control by seeing a crisis from every angle – online and offline

● Build a robust crisis scenario plan that lets you act swiftly and confidently under pressure

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Excited to learn more?

In these challenging times, we want to make sure you have as many resources available as possible. Together with Facelift, we will be organizing a joint webinar on Digital Crisis Management on April 28th, with a focus on best practices to spot early signals and manage a crisis effectively.