7 things you can do with Facebook analytics & Talkwalker

7 things you can do with Facebook analytics & Talkwalker

Facebook has over 2.1 billion active users globally. They engage with brands on a daily basis, generating trillions of conversations and interactions. Here’s how Talkwalker will help you analyze that data and make it actionable for your business.

Facebook API

Facebook is requesting every software company to be compliant with their new terms and conditions. It’s as essential for Facebook to constantly update its data privacy regulations, to protect user information, and maintain consumer confidence as it is for us as a software company.

We want to highlight the 7 use cases that remain 100% compliant with the latest update of Facebook.

1). Facebook Page measurement

Talkwalker allows you to measure your brand’s Facebook page, providing all your Facebook analytics in one easy place.

As part of your social media strategy, Talkwalker gives you a constant oversight of your Facebook content, your audience, and how the first is engaging with the second. This gives you a real-time view of how impactful your content is, and allows you to restructure your strategy instantly to boost brand engagement.

Mercedes Benz Engagement

By monitoring their Facebook page, Mercedes-Benz can set an engagement benchmark, with an aim to consistently improve it. Here, they improved 61.1% month on month.

2). Monitor multiple Facebook pages

Although Facebook reaches a global audience, each region’s audience is different. With different requirements, aspirations, and engagement levels.

That’s why many brands often have localized brand Facebook pages, targeting different locations.

And if you take into account the various pages you would have for each of your products, and the pages for separate departments (HR, customer service, etc), that’s a lot of channels to monitor.

Talkwalker allows you to monitor all these pages at once, giving you a broader understanding of all your brand audiences.

3). Combine all social measurement

What about the broader picture? As a global brand, you need a presence across all social networks.

Talkwalker can monitor multiple channels, to give you a broader understanding of where your audience is engaging most with your brand.

What works on Twitter, may not be as impactful on another network. Or, if something works especially well on YouTube, you can maximize engagement by repeating it on Facebook.

Mercedes Benz Channel Monitoring

Although more consistent on Twitter, Mercedes-Benz has better engagement on Facebook. They should replicate their most recent posts on Twitter to boost engagement.

You can also combine this data with your other online listening, to cover social media, news channels, and blogs. With a knowledge of what’s driving mentions on blogs and news outlets, you can optimize your social messaging to reiterate that message.

4). Communication measurement

When you’re running an advertising, marketing, or PR campaign, it’s vital to measure how your key messages resonate with your audience.

By monitoring your concrete social metrics, such as your reach, or engagement (likes, shares, comments), you can see how your message varies on each social network, and impacts on your brand.

Mercedes Benz Reach

By consistently monitoring your brand reach, you can see how your communications are growing month by month.

5). Competitive analysis

It’s great knowing how well you’re doing as a brand, but without benchmarks, you can’t tell if you’re working as efficiently as possible.

Talkwalker can monitor multiple Facebook pages at once. Whether those are your geolocated pages for different locations, or the pages of ambassadors or of your competitors.

By monitoring what your competitors are doing, you’ll understand your consumer market, and see what your potential audience is engaging with most.

Mercedes Benz Competitor Analysis

Here, we can see Mercedes-Benz is the most active poster. But, Ferrari is getting more engagement per post. Only by monitoring competitors, can Mercedes-Benz learn this.

6). Issue tracking

By accessing all this cross-network data at once, you get a broader understanding of your brand. Both good and bad.

A brand crisis can blow up at any moment, damaging your business significantly. By monitoring your brand in real time, you can track issues as they arise, tackle them before they get too big, and ultimately protect your company.

You can also establish an alert system, so if there are any issues, key stakeholders can be alerted instantly, and a crisis management plan engaged.

Mercedes Issue Tracking

Across Mercedes-Benz’s social channels, customer service is driving a lot of negativity. With this knowledge, they can tackle this issue before it causes a brand crisis.

7). Facebook content optimization

Creating consistently engaging content is one of the hardest tasks faced by social media managers. By monitoring your brand across different channels, and taking a look at what your competitors are doing, you get a clear understanding of what will drive engagement, and help you promote your brand with your audience.

Looking back at the earlier competitor analysis, we know Ferrari gains more engagement per post than Mercedes-Benz. By looking at the messaging in their posts, Mercedes-Benz will gain inspiration of what content to include in their Facebook posts to improve engagement.

Ferrari word cloud

Ferrari doesn’t just focus on the look of their cars. The technical specifications are often included in their brand mentions. Mercedes-Benz could learn from this, and provide more technically focused Facebook posts to drive engagement.

And more

This is just a flavor of what you can do with Talkwalker and Facebook analytics. By having all your social channels, your PR and analytics in one platform, you gain a broader understanding of your brand perception. You create a single source of truth, as perceived by your audience, which helps you protect, measure and promote your brand.

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