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Essential holiday reading - stuff your boss expects you to know

Essential holiday reading - stuff your boss expects you to know

SCHOOOOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER! With a heap of free time on your hands, there’s a danger you’re gonna get bored - LOL! To avoid this catastrophic situation, I’ve put together a holiday reading list of awesome reports. It’ll test your knowledge and teach you new tricks. There are also a heap of useful free templates.

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Think of it as a treasure hunt - x marks the spot where you’ll find heaps of rich information. It’s an out-of-this-world adventure where you can explore new ideas. There are quizzes, riddles, and teasers to solve. You can download those you’re interested in, or click above and get all five.

Surprise your boss after the holiday season. Return to the office and inspire the entire team with all you’ve learned, tips and tricks, and time-saving templates.

Exciting, no?

Here goes...

Free eBook - Digital marketing strategy guide 2019

Once upon a time, there was a boss who asked about next year’s marketing strategy. The boss was told...

The definitive digital marketing guide to getting results

“Well, we looked at last year’s strategy and it seemed to work well. Engagement increased by 20%, traffic to the website grew by 25%, and Twitter followers went up by 15%. Meh… we’ll go with the same.”

The boss scowled. The boss wanted way more detail. Digital marketing guide 2019 - a big book of magic marketing spells - was presented…

“Take this book and read it, and then read it some more. Do not come before me again until you can answer the following questions.”

  • What caused the increase in engagement?
  • How do you set up a brainstorm that will bring new and creative ideas?
  • Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative analytics?
  • How did you bring the six Ps into play when creating your marketing strategy?
  • SWOT, SMART, TOW - what were your results?

Best get reading.

I’m taking a break for pizza. Join me for a slice?

Uncover business opportunities using image recognition technology

In pizza we crust - image recognition technology

This is the story of a pizza restaurant chain looking to open ten new locations throughout Europe.

The challenge?

To learn about the preferences of the target audiences - what they wanted to drink with their pizza, where they wanted to sit, what toppings they would choose.

Everywhere you go, there are people taking photos and sharing them online. Images of their dinner, their cat, holidays, clothes, and on. With this in mind, our proprietary image recognition technology collected and processed results quickly. Traditional market research surveys, while effective, take time and resources.

BTW… this kind of research can be applied to any industry. For example:

Measuring the ROI of sponsorship can be tricky. During the recent World Cup, how many banner ads did you see, logos on team shirts and gloves? When images from events like this are shared, the comments rarely name the brands.

“Wow, awesome goal from Ronaldo. Wearing his Nike shirt, standing in front of a VISA ad!”

Back to the pizza before it gets cold.

Check out In pizza we crust for the answers to these questions:

  • How was social data used to determine European cities for expansion?
  • How did image recognition technology help with menu choices?
  • Local and cultural insights targeted the menu. How were they found?
  • How much cheese is too much cheese?

How to create marketing campaigns that impact

Are your campaigns hitting their target or flying wildly off course?

As consumers, we’re hit with 5,000 commercial messages every day. Do you know how to ensure your message is heard and remembered? If it’s Ignored, you can wave goodbye to your ROI.

Worst case scenario? Your brand dies!

Quick Search report

The campaign playbook is your knight in shining armour. Real-life brands demonstrate how they valiantly battle against negativity. How they hunt down influencers to fight their corner. How they listen and learn from their audience to drive sales.

Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to find the answers to the following questions:

  • How did ASOS sift through 82,000+ posts to find the perfect influencers?
  • Which AI tool did Explore Canada use to find the most engaging marketing image?
  • Artichoke water… yuck! How did A+ Water change the sentiment of people like me?
  • What’s the Mexican influence?

Do you speak social media?

Glossary of social media terms

When social media became a thing at the end of the 1990s, a new language was born. We were bombarded with new words, new acronyms, funky jargon, and weird yellow faces. If we wanted to play with the cool kids, we had to get on board.

The Glossary of social media terms is a map to help you navigate social media. On your journey, you’ll collect social media tools, 100+ definitions, and terms specific to the main networks.

Find the answers to the following questions and your journey will have been a success.

  • What do the following statements mean?
    Go ahead, AMA!
    I have an appointment with a psychiatrist to discuss my FOMO.
    DM me your MT, and I’ll RT.

  • Which definition is correct?
    Dark Social is a cocktail party that takes place late evening.
    Dark Social is content shared through private channels.
    Dark Social is an English goth band formed in London.

  • True or false?
    Using SEM, SMA, SML, SMM, and SMO, will depreciate your bottom line.

Hey, take a look. After all, YOLO.

# # # # # Trending hashtags # # # # #

Trending hashtags - the best hacks for more engagement

We all get hashtags. We know that they steer people towards out social messages. We know that tweets with hashtags get increased engagement. We know that the most popular ones start trending.

What we don’t know, is how to choose them.

This final task is a hunt. A hunt for trending hashtags. Ready?


You can’t head off into the unknown without a trending hashtag tracker. You’d get lost.

Get your trending hashtag tracker!

In this hunt for trending hashtags, you have three tasks to complete:

  • On Instagram, find the hashtag relevant to your industry that’s trending right now
  • For any social platform - find the most popular hashtag for your industry, over the last 7 days*
  • A consumer has shared an image of your brand without mentioning your name. How would you find this image and exploit the hashtags they have included?

* You’ll need to sign up for a Free Social Search account, to complete this task. BTW, if you’d like to be able to track for longer than 7 days, create a Quick Search account.

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