Corbyn Continues to Dominate Labour Leadership Race on Social Media

Corbyn Continues to Dominate Labour Leadership Race on Social Media

A snapshot of some of the social media statistics around the Labour leadership race. All statistics are from July 1 - July 30.

Key Points

- Corbyn most mentioned on all social channels even excluding Twitter

- Sentiment for all candidates is low excluding Twitter Mentions but highest for Corbyn

- Corbyn’s extreme social popularity matched by huge increases in follower growth

- Cooper has limited online presence (especially on Twitter), losing social battle

Total Mentions (all online channels)

labour leaders total sov

- Corbyn mentioned more than rest of candidates combined. Majority of mentions coming from Twitter. When Twitter is excluded, Corbyn still in the lead but not by as wider margin:

sov excl twitter

- Corbyn has just under double mentions of Burnham with Kendall, Cooper not too far behind.

- Looking at overall top themes we can say that Corbyn dominates:

labour leader themes

- 6 of the top 10 topics/terms/hashtags associated to Labour leader candidates are directly related to Corbyn

Overall sentiment shows Corbyn with highest positive, lowest negative

updated snetiment

Most influential Tweeters about leadership candidates

most influential tweeters

(Top 10 Twitter influencers sorted by engagement)

- Corbyn and Burnham both make the list. Socialist campaigner George Aylett also scores highly as does the Independent.

Candidate mentions in UK regions excluding London

(NOTE: Scales different for graphs)

corbyn demogs ex london

(Top 10 UK regions discussing each candidate)

Social Media Activity of Leaders

Corbyn’s follower growth over last month is remarkable:

twitter account follower growth

Cooper is by far the least active:

twitter activity leaders

- Despite Corbyn not being the most active his share of the social conversation is much bigger than the more active Burnham

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