Campaign Monitoring with Talkwalker

Campaign Monitoring with Talkwalker


Like every year friends and fans of Apple products, and new technology in general, were impatiently waiting for new and innovative devices of the legendary iPhone founder from Cupertino. Since Apple is usually keeping their device updates a secret until their keynote presentation, it has become tradition to come up with rumors and speculations about future hard- and software. For this year’s event, which began yesterday at 6 P.M. GMT, the following five were the top ranked rumors:

  1. The new model will be named 5S and will come in the same design as its forerunner, but will have a faster processor.
  2. Besides black- and white-colored models, there will be a golden version.
  3. More colors are expected to be available for a completely new model named 5C.
  4. A 13 MP one will replace the current model’s 8 MP camera.
  5. Apple will equip the new model with a fingerprint sensor to increase the devices’ security features.

Tracking events and analyzing reactions

We want to demonstrate in this article how easy it is to monitor events like this, and to analyze how online communities react to them. With regard to the rumors described above, comparing their live feedback to their expectations must be of special interest. Setting this analysis up was pretty easy: in order to collect just every mention of the iPhone without loss, the appropriate search string had to be “iphone” no matter whether the new models were named 5S or not. Due to talkwalker’s unique filtering function, it is really easy to dive into the existing pool of data and visualize the filtered, new data sets, afterwards:

Talkwalker screenshot - filter function

The image shows how filters can easily be defined through keywords by the same syntax used in the search strings. In our case, however, we want to have a look at the web’s feedback regarding the new chipset called A7. Therefore, we configure the keywords “a7”, “m7”, “chip”, and “processor” illustratively. Back in the dashboard, the recently set up filters can be selected or deselected, respectively, which returns a newly adjusted set of relevant results:

Considering the A7 topic, the sentiments are consequently of further interest. Since talkwalker provides an advanced and highly qualitative auto-sentiment-detection system by default, the dashboard quickly offers a good overview:

Sentiment analysis graph

The example described demonstrates that the sentiment regarding the updates around the new chipset is fairly neutral with a majority of nearly three quarters, tending towards a positive reception. Going back to what has already been rumored in advance, this result is no surprise. Filters, as they were just described, can be created and adjusted freely and there are hardly any restrictions syntax-wise. Thus, our next step is investigating some aspects about the four other rumors.

Dashboard filtered results

The configuration of multiple filters additionally allows talkwalker users to generate an overview of the share of buzz among the rumors very quickly, i.e. we see immediately which features were discussed most. After creating the remaining filters, they can be selected easily by clicking them, and afterwards being displayed as different graphs. The previous image shows that the entirely new 5C-model keeps the web most busy. It is being mentioned in half of all mentions, whereas the four other theses concerning the 5S-model are mentioned rather homogenously with 10% to 16%. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, or even to analyze the most influencing sources and authors, and trending topics surrounding yesterday’s event on your own in a free trial account.