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The best UK marketing webinars and virtual events this year

The best UK marketing webinars and virtual events this year

As a marketer, it’s essential to stay on top of the changing trends, new technologies and the latest players that make up the marketing landscape. Webinars and virtual events are a great way to do this. I’ve highlighted the best UK marketing webinars and virtual events this year, however you can download the complete list to discover more from other English speaking markets. 


Why join webinars and virtual events?

As mentioned above, webinars and virtual events are a great way to stay on top of the latest trends in your industry. One of their benefits, versus face-to-face events, is that you can access a wealth of knowledge from experts around the globe, from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some more reasons why you‘ll benefit from webinars and virtual events:

  • Webinars and virtual events are a lot easier to fit into your daily schedule. They’re short, or easy to dip in and out of

  • You can easily find different perspectives on the same topic. Often on the same webinar. Because speakers and panelists can also join from anywhere in the world, you’ll have a variety of speakers

  • Most webinars or virtual events are free to attend, or at least a fraction of the price of a physical event. This means you can attend more

  • Along these same lines, many of the big face-to-face events are taking it online this year. Often at a much reduced price, or free. As a result, you’ll be able to join some that you might not have otherwise been able to attend

  • Even if you can’t make the date of the live stream, you can always catch up in your own time, as most webinars and virtual events make presentations available after. Check out some of Talkwalker’s on demand webinars


This guide is split into the best UK webinars and virtual events per marketing discipline, so jump ahead to the ones most relevant to you:

General marketing webinars and virtual events

Virtual event: Festival of Marketing (PAID)

This annual face-to-face event is going virtual in 2020, bringing you an incredibly exciting line-up of speakers in the comfort of your own home. Known for bringing together a programme of inspirational keynotes from world-famous speakers, this year is no different with the line-up including Deliveroo CMO, Ines Ures; author, Elizabeth Day; Global President of Saatchi&Saatchi, Magnus Djaba; and activist, Gina Miller. This year’s event will focus on creating a blueprint to help lead brands through this current period of change.

When: Monday 5- Friday 9 October

Webinar: What will the future of account-based marketing look like? B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing offer a whole host of webinars as part of their educational offerings to B2B marketers worldwide. This one takes a look at how ABM has changed as a discipline over the last five years and how it’s likely to evolve in the future. One of the main topics that will be addressed is whether ABM will remain a separate and distinct discipline and skillset, or whether it will become part of the mainstream B2B marketers toolbelt.

When: Wednesday 14 October, 16.00-17.00 BST


Digital marketing webinars and virtual events

Webinar: Digital Marketing Trends 2020 -2030, Econsultancy

This webinar revisits a previous resource where Ashley Friedlein, founder of Econsultancy, shares his predictions of how digital marketing is likely to evolve over the coming decade. This refreshed version looks at how COVID-19 might impact the industry and offers updated predictions based on this.

When: on demand

Virtual Event: Virtual Digital Marketing Masterclass, Masterclassing

Masterclassing offers presentations from industry experts and intimate ‘virtual’ roundtable discussions with small groups of marketing professionals. This event provides an opportunity for senior marketers to get up to speed on the latest tools, technologies and trends in digital marketing.

When: Wednesday 9 September, 09.00-11.00 BST


Data and analytics webinars and virtual events

Virtual Event: Virtual Data & Analytics Masterclass, Masterclassing

Another event from organiser, Masterclassing, this time focusing on data and analytics. This intimate, online event, will help marketing leaders develop cutting edge data and analytics strategies to drive growth and new business opportunities as well as engage and retain existing customers.

When: Tuesday 20 October, 09.00-11.00 BST

Webinar: Using conversational intelligence to gain better customer insights

Did you know that Talkwalker holds webinars? I couldn’t create a list of UK webinars and virtual events without including one of our own. In this webinar, strategic social listening consultancy, Bakamo, shows how conversational intelligence can be a better way of gaining insight into your audience than traditional research methods such as surveys.

They recently explored what consumers of BBC News really thought about them by analysing how and what they shared online. This webinar will talk through this case study, outlining their methods and giving actionable insights on how organisations can better understand their audiences and themselves.

When: On demand


SEO and SEM webinars and virtual events

Webinar: How to use analytics to discover hidden SEO opportunities to boost your site’s traffic

This is one of the many webinars organised by online marketing community, The Marketing Meetup. In addition to the twice weekly webinars, they also hold workshops and courses to help marketers hone their skills. This webinar with SEO expert, Mary Owusu from Gurubound, looks at some key steps to discovering hidden SEO opportunities.

When: on demand

Webinar: How to grow a high traffic blog to 30,000 users a month in less than a year, SEMrush

Ok, so I cheated a little bit with this one. It’s not a UK webinar. However, SEMrush are considered one of the leaders in SEM and SEO and they have a big back-catalogue of on demand webinars. This one looks at building a content plan and marketing strategy to build a successful, high traffic blog.

When: on demand


Influencer marketing webinars and virtual events

Training: Influencer Marketing Course Online, SocialB

Join this half day online live course, to get guidance from digital marketing agency, SocialB, on how best to plan your influencer outreach projects from start to finish. This course is delivered live online & limited to only 10 businesses per workshop series.

When: 23rd June, 21 July, 25 August or 24 September, 09.30-12.30 BST

Webinar: Influencer marketing in the time of COVID-19, Influencer intelligence

As for every marketing discipline, COVID-19 has forced the industry to re-evaluate how it images and communicates with customers. It’s no different for influencer marketing, This webinar from influencer intelligence looks at the next steps brands need to take to adapt and protect their strategy in order to navigate the ‘new normal’.

When: on demand


Social media marketing webinars and virtual events

Webinar: How private channels are changing digital engagement with customers, Campaign

Increasingly, consumers expect brands to be available and open to them on all their favourite channels, including private channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. However, that isn’t always possible. This webinar from Campaign Live explores the value of conversational marketing. What it means for a business to build private networks and how this can enhance customer engagement.

When: on demand

Webinar: How to elevate social from a tactical channel to a growth engine, Talkwalker

Social media has much more to offer than just driving awareness! During this webinar, Talkwalker and Hootsuite combine their social listening and social media management expertise to provide you with key insights into how to use social as a growth delivery channel. Learn how to drive performance using social media through a number of case studies.

When: On demand


PR and communications webinars and virtual events

Webinar: What can PRs learn from top lifestyle journalists amid COVID-19? JBH

During this on demand webinar from content and digital PR agency, JBH, PR and communications professionals can learn how news desks and media outlets have been affected by COVID-19, and the sorts of stories they’re looking to cover. The journalist speakers also share their insights on the best and worst pitches for these times.

When: on demand

Webinar: Enhancing your PR measurement with 'maturity mapping', CISION

Discover how to build more effective PR campaigns by implementing the “Measurement Maturity Mapper”, developed by AMEC. By creating a deeper integration between marketing and PR, and effectively measuring the impact of your communications or marketing campaigns, companies can improve their performance when it comes to PR.

When: On demand


These are just a few of the best UK marketing webinars and virtual events on the calendar for the next couple of months, however the short time it takes to produce them means there will always be new ones added. And if you can’t see one that’s relevant for you in the future, you can always watch past ones on demand. That’s the beauty of online content.

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