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People playing online game with friends

The history of marketing in social games

Animal Crossing has made a splash in 2020, but it’s not the first online game to capture a moment. Here’s how brands have used social games to get in front of new audiences over the years, plus tips on how to make advertising in games work for you.
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Man using digital social listening tool Talkwalker

AMEC 2020 Webcast: Expert Takeaways on The Future of PR Measurement Technology

How is technology enabling the PR measurement ecosystem in the age of COVID-19, misinformation, and social activism? Industry experts share insights into the challenges faced by their organizations, and the...
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Virtual TV upfront header

Virtual TV upfronts: 3 ways that social data can impact your pitch

COVID-19 has pushed a big change in how networks and advertisers are partnering during the 2020 TV upfront season. Learn how conversational intelligence can play a role in media programming...
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Header image for Talkwalker webinars blog post with computer video chat screen

8 essential Talkwalker webinars marketers can’t miss

From pandemic audience trends to what makes the world’s most loved brands shine, hear tips from the experts in our best webinar sessions of 2020 (so far).
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Two coworkers wearing masks and gloves pass papers to each other in their shared office

Heading back to work after COVID-19

How will companies need to respond to employee concerns about returning to work as regions reopen?
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laptop with its screen showing Hotel Deals on a desk with a camera, maps, and travel plans

Social media insights on the future of travel and tourism

Trends in conversational data reveal the way people are thinking about traveling this year, and show the concerns that hospitality brands will need to address to successfully re-open in the...
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Man wearing headphones looking at computer screen

Social trends in the financial service industry during COVID-19

How have conversations and customer needs in the financial services industry changed during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Video conference technology in 2020

The changing face of video communication in 2020

How have marketing strategies for Zoom and other video chat technologies adapted to the new normal?
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use audience analysis to target women on mobile devices

How to perform an audience analysis to perfect your brand message

How do you identify the right audience for your brand? Use these four types of audience analysis to ensure that you’re reaching the ideal customers for your product.
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