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Conference goers meet and greet each other in person.

The best social media conferences to attend in 2023

To stay attuned to changes in the social media landscape in 2023, marketing and PR professionals will congregate at social media conferences virtually, across the US, and around the world to share best practices and learnings from the world of new social. Below are the top  social media conferences to consider attending in 2023.
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A person has been identified through consumer research as likely to purchase a given product and does so via his mobile phone and credit card

18 best consumer research tools and datasets

Consumers buy from social media, which is why brands need a social presence if they want to reach them. But simply setting up an account and posting is not enough.
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Image of man next to his digital self in addition to blog title Measure Customer Experience in the Metaverse

How to measure customer experience in the metaverse

We thought that measuring customer experience in the real world and on the web was enough. But that was before the metaverse, an amalgamation of the physical world, the augmented,...
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Image of an influencer recording a video in their living room next to the blog title: 64 best US Instagram influencers

64 best US Instagram influencers

Influencers have taken the United States by storm. According to a 2021 survey by Junior Achievement USA, 60% of US teens are interested in starting their own business instead of...
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Photo of two colleagues working in front of a computer next to the blog title: 2022's Best Marketing Campaigns

2022's Best marketing campaigns

The second half of 2022 is upon us, which means it’s time to recount the best marketing campaigns of the year thus far. I researched the best marketing campaigns of...
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Picture of a consumer shopping in store next to the blog title: America's Favorite Brands

America's Favorite Brands

We build deep emotional connections with brands. Throughout our lives, we are surrounded by them. From our first steps, to our first successes, or disappointments, we develop a close relationship...
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Image of a plate with salad and a smoothie next to the blog title: US food industry trends

US food industry trends

The food industry is evolving and innovating. Powered by Millennials and Gen Zers, healthy habits, sustainable eating, and mindful drinking are growing US food industry trends. Consumers want to change...
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Football player jumps to score a touchdown

Big Game LVI: Key insights

And the winner is… the Los Angeles Rams! The Big Game is more than just a match between the two best teams of the season. The Big Game is the...
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Coffee machine pouring espresso with the blog title: How to master brand management: Nespresso deep dive analysis

How to master brand management: Nespresso deep dive analysis

Ask anyone to list the assets a company owns and they will most likely answer with physical goods, vehicles, real estate, computers, office furniture... and often forget to mention the brand. Sadly, it’s a very common misconception, although a company’s brand is its single most important asset. Neglecting brand management always ends up backfiring, and many companies realize this too...
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Person hiking stands in front of a lake in the mountains

From CSR to ESG: Define your data-driven green marketing strategy

The world is changing at a pace that is difficult to cope with. Not a day goes by without worrying news about climate, health, or social issues. The general consensus...
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Football player catching the ball in a spectacular fashion

Big Game LVI insights album

Every year, the Super Bowl makes history.
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