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Best image recognition tools

10 best image recognition tools

The amount of information flooding the Internet, namely social media platforms, is huge. For brands, this data represents both a challenge and an opportunity as they look to effectively market themselves, protect their image, and excel in the era of information overload. Image recognition tools are the key to unlocking the potential hidden within this every-growing pool of images online.
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The best competitor analysis tools

Top 12 competitor analysis tools you should be using

You're a savvy businessperson and you understand that your organization doesn’t exist in a bubble. You have competitors. Monitor them using competitor analysis tools and ask yourself. Do they outrank...
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social media intelligence

What is social media intelligence?

It’s been said again and again that businesses derive incredible value from being active on social media and by investing time and money into social media reporting, analysis, and data...
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social media analytics guide

The Complete Guide to Social Media Analytics

How can you as a business or as an individual, get value from the vast amount of information published online every day and across social networks? Social media analytics -...
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