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    First coined by Kevin Roberts of Saatchi & Saatchi in 2004, the concept of a love brand is one that ignites a consumers’ passions. These fans are also their customers, but firstly they are the brands’ ambassadors, cheerleaders and megaphones helping to spread genuine and authentic love for their favorite brand.

    After two years of consumption choices being limited by the pandemic, the concept of a love brand has evolved. Consumers want to get back to normal. But their perspective has changed. Consumers want the new normal to be a better, improved version of before. Fixing becomes more important than growing at all cost.

    For brands, this means that it’s not only about the number of followers or the size of the advertising budget, but also how they are addressing and mitigating negative sentiment that is a crucial part of being a loved brand. In our results, we take into account this polarization to determine America’s favorite brands.

    How is Brand Love measured?

    Passion, customer satisfaction and trust drive brand love. In order to measure this concept, we dive into the individuals that are the most involved in either perpetuating or dismissing Brand Love… the consumers.

    We take a microscope and understand what brands consumers truly love, where that love originates, and why the consumers love certain brands — and why they may dismiss others.

    In the Talkwalker Brand Love Report, each brand was ranked based on three different trait criteria: Passion, Customer Satisfaction and Trust. Utilizing Social Intelligence and the Talkwalker Benchmarking solution, we created indexes that were an aggregate of all mentions around the brand to quantify these trait criteria.


    Definition of the three equally weighted scores: Passion, Trust, and CSAT scores that make up the Brand Love Index

    The Brand Love Index is built out of three equally weighted scores.

    This methodology looks to take an incredibly consumer-centric approach in understanding Brand Love and identifying U.S. favorite brands. This takes into account the mentions that matter in answering questions around whether consumers are passionate about your brand, do they trust your brand and if their experiences are positive with your brand.

    U.S. Favorites brands

    We reveal in this article four brands from the ten most loved U.S. brands. You can discover the full list in the Love Brands 2022 report.

    KitKat: Love comes in all flavors

    KitKat has been around since 1935, and generations of people have loved the crisp chocolate wafers. Ranked as one of the best snacks of all time, and now sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa, the brand strategy focus on developing hundreds of flavors has strengthened the emotional connection and passion toward the brand. It has earned them a fandom base that enjoys sharing their favorite flavors and what they wish would come next.


    Flavored KitKats at Costco

    ♬ original sound - CostcoHotFinds

    Mercedes-Benz: The TikTok rock star

    The Mercedes-Benz social team is second to none, and turning consumers into fans is no mystery for the company’s own content creator. The main brand TikTok account gets more than 22,000 engagements per video, and the Mercedes-AMG F1 TikTok account already has more than 25.9 million likes on videos. At the same time, with 4.2 million engagements on TikTok alone, Mercedes-Benz is the brand most sought after by the content creator. It seems that having a Mercedes-Benz in the frame of a TikTok video is the secret recipe to getting a high number of engagements.

    @mercedesbenz Dancing through Mercedes-Benz history with @janisyzoe #fy #mercedesbenz ♬ Originalton - Mercedes-Benz

    @falcopunch New #tutorial video with a new car ! @Mercedes-Benz #tutorials #fyp ♬ original sound - Falco

    Estée Lauder: Beauty from the inside out

    Estée Lauder’s partnerships are a reflection of the brand’s inner beauty in their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. They recently partnered with the International Space Station for the ISS National Lab Sustainability Challenge: Beyond Plastics, and with poet Amanda Gorman as their first-ever Global Changemaker to advance literacy as a pathway to equality, access and social change.

    Their sustainability-oriented posts resonate: videos showing how empty product containers can be recycled and cleaned are winning them lots of praise. While their product tutorials open new and rich avenues of interaction with consumers.

    Dolce & Gabbana (D&G): Radical avant-garde

    Consumers expect brands to deliver high-quality products or services while developing sustainable business practices. On both, Dolce & Gabbana delivered wonderfully this year.

    Influencers rushed to the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show in Venice's Arsenal while the brand decided to commit to animal welfare and stopped selling fur and angora in all future collections. Winning on all fronts! D&G is loved as a brand that codes avant-garde and maximalist vibrancy, with bold commitment and unmissable style at the core of the brand promise. 

    What are the other brands? Take a guess and download the full report.

    Real-time benchmarking is essential for building brand love

    Brands are looking, now more than ever, to understand their consumer to drive brand love. Benchmarking gives brands the ability to understand brand love and craft a strategy to drive consumer adoption. Many companies’ voice-of-customer programs don’t go beyond executing one-time surveys that are quickly obsolete to listen to their consumers. The Talkwalker Brand Love Benchmark Solution gives tangible real-time metrics to truly understand consumer preferences towards your brand, build Brand Love and accelerate revenue growth.

    Discover how to consistently measure and benchmark your brand love.


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