4 sweet social media insights about ice cream

4 sweet social media insights about ice cream

By the looks of the long queues that gather at ice cream vendors as soon as the weather gets hot, it seems obvious that ice cream sales are heavily reliant on meteorological conditions. It is also evident that eating ice cream is a social occasion that brings people together and that it is an activity that sparks strong emotions such as pleasure, childhood nostalgia and excitement.

At Talkwalker we are passionate about social media monitoring and analysis so we decided to see what trending topics and insights we could identify from listening to social media conversations about ice cream this summer.

Your favorite ice cream flavor reveals your personality type

Baskin Robbins ice cream company and Dr. Alan Hirsch published findings of their study showing that people’s personality types are linked to their favorite ice cream flavor. For example if you are a chocolate ice cream lover, you are likely to be “dramatic, lively, charming, flirtatious, seductive and gullible.” If you are an adept of vanilla ice cream, you are probably “impulsive, easily suggestible and an idealist.”

The summer heat makes people scream for ice cream

Heat waves have hit people all over the world the past few weeks with UK temperatures reaching seven year highs, Australia and China recording their hottest summer ever and Moscow beating a 100 year heat record. Supply is struggling to keep up with demand as popular Unilever brands including Walls and Ben & Jerry’s have to increase ice cream production in European factories to keep up with UK consumption. No wonder that ice cream vendors run out of ice cream before the end of the day and that swimming pools are bursting with people desperate to cool themselves down.

Brands use real-time marketing to capitalize on royal baby buzz

Photo credit: @MagnumIceCream on Twitter[/caption]

Mini Royal Magnum

After the flaming success earlier this year of Oreo’s ”You Can Still Dunk In The Dark” Super Bowl tweet that was shared over 10,000 times in one hour, brands have been hungry to replicate such a phenomenal buzz on social media channels. This

time however, brands had 9 months to prepare their engagement strategy, so it was to be expected that many have put a lot of effort into creating elaborate marketing campaigns to celebrate the arrival of the baby boy, including many ice cream brands.

In the UK, Baskin Robbins restaurants offered a Royal Baby signature ice cream cake, priced at £8.60, equivalent to the exact weight of the royal baby. In France Ben & Jerry’s engaged their blog community by asking them what they would name the royal baby if it were an ice cream flavor, sparking up lots of comments and creative ideas. Ice cream brand Magnum launched an ad and shared a picture of a Magnum couple and their mini Royal Magnum on Twitter. They tweeted their congratulations to the royal couple and encouraged people to join in using their #miniroyal hashtag.

Pets also love ice cream

Humans are not the only ones to love ice cream, animals do too! It is not surprising that social media conversations, in which animal pictures are a favorite type of content, also share many pictures of animals eating ice cream. From a less purely humorous to a more practical objective, zoo keepers at Austria’s Schönbrunn carefully prepare ice lollies made of grains and berries and mixed with water before freezing to help animals deal with high temperatures.

Dog eating ice cream

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