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A 3-Step Guide to First-Class Customer Care

A 3-Step Guide to First-Class Customer Care

Customer care is probably the most important aspect of any business. Companies live and die depending on how they treat their customers and with the growth of social media customers have a louder, stronger voice than ever before.

Social listening can help companies to better understand the pain points, needs and preferences of their customers and guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. In our latest guide, we used examples from the telecoms industry to show you how exactly social intelligence can leverage your customer service in 3 easy steps.

1. Knowing What is Critical

Customer complaints can cover a wide array of issues. Using social media analytics to identify the most common topics of complaints helps companies to develop a best process for treating them, ensuring a quick solution for customers.

Share of voice mobile customer issues

Phones and customer service are in the middle of mobile customers’ conversations.

It also allows companies to better plan resources to resolve issues that affect customers most frequently, so the teams can be more efficient and contribute to the improvement of the overall customer experience.

2. Addressing Localized Issues in Real-Time

With many companies acting on a global scale, it is still important to track local issues. The above map shows social media reactions to an outage for telecom provider AT&T in September after a construction accident.

att outage missouri

An outage for AT& across the midwestern states in early September was almost exclusive discussed on Twitter.

Social media analytics can help companies to protect their reputation online by easily localising issues and offering them an opportunity to quickly react to a problem at the right place and time.

3. Turning Happy Customers Into Brand Ambassadors

Customers are likely to research vendors and offers before committing to a contract of any kind. With social media becoming a relevant tool for this, happy customers sharing good experiences can be a valuable asset in boosting sales figures.

Mobile provider recommendations twitter

Recommendations for mobile providers shared by Twitter users.

Tracking positive mentions of their brand or offers can help companies in identifying brand ambassadors, while tracking negative mentions allows them to react to unhappy customers immediately and find a solution for them.

Customer service is a common issue – customers are unhappy because they feel neglected or ignored by a company, while companies worry about their online reputation suffering because of unhappy customers. Social listening can help them break the cycle by identifying the topics that are truly making customers unhappy and resolving them as quickly as possible. For more insight on how to improve your customer service with social intelligence, download our full report here.


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